Mrs. Brooks Cutest Kid's Hats link

MrsBrooks posted this link to ADORABLE kids hats in the FO thread, and I thought it deserved its own thread…when I tried to split it, it disappeared, so Im posting this on her behalf…

Yeah I JUST got that this am… it’s very cute… I’m thinking of doing the frog…

:roflhard: The boys are too ‘sophisticated’ to wear them anymore, but they are too cute!!

i have been lovin’ up on those this morning too…only problem i have with them is they are knit back and forth and i would rather knit then in the round…may have to make some sacrifices though!

The difference between dressing babies ridiculously and dogs ridiculously is that kids get revenge eventually…it usually starts at about 13! :wink: :rofling:

just do it in the round lately! screw the pattern!

I am TOTALLY making a chicken hat.

OMG those are cute! I wish I had a grandkid, neighbor kid, any kid to knit for!

I wanted to post it in the pattern area but i wanted more people to see them because they are just to cute!!! THANK YOU :smiley:
Vanessa :XX:

For those of you who really want to knit one of these and have no one to knit them for: Knit one up & take it to the pediatric unit at your local hospital. There are always children there that can use something to lift their spirits. From my personal experiences, there seems to always be at least one child there who has no one at the hospital with them, and no one comes to visit. It’s very sad. Almost like a babysitting service for sick kids.

I know that the staff on our pediatric unit loves it when people bring things in for the kids. It does everyone’s hearts good!!

(If you don’t have a hospital w/ a pediatric unit nearby, PM me, and you can send it here. I’ll take it to our hospital!! They’re fabulous!)

If not a Pediatrics ares Childrens Hospital as well. Next year I would like to TRY to get enough hats made for them, or even bring in TOYS for them, Kids at Childrens have anything from CANCER to other life threatning things. I worked at a Hospital for 2 1/2 years never saw many kids BUT when i went to visit a friend who went to childrens and i got off the wrong floor and ended up in the cancer area it broke my heart! There aore sooo many kids with so many things wrong with them…and i have such a HUGE heart I wish I could give them the world. Go to GOOGLE and type in your area for childrens hospital OR type in childrens hospital and see if any of the listings are in your area.
Vanessa :cheering:

yay! :cheering: I just downloaded one of those patterns this morning, too! whoo hooo!

How do you download them? When I click on a picture I get a link asking for my name and address. Do they send it to you?

Oh how cute, knit the Chicken Little hat and then have your little sweetie wear it to the movie.

When I click on one it brings up the page and you then can decide to download, email or print.

I had to switch to internet explorer! :doh: but I got it :cheering:

:doh: is right! I use Firefox…hate IE. :rollseyes:

Really? I just printed one and had no problem and I used FF exclusively :slight_smile:

Too cute! And I know a few girls having babies! Yay!