Mr. Steamy

Mr. Steamy balls really work! Last night I dried a shawl I just finished, made from acrylic yarn. I had another shawl and a sweater, both made from acrylic yarn that I threw in with it to wash and dry. I didn’t use fabric softener and there was no static, everything came out soft. I thought I’d mention it in case others who use synthetics would like to skip the fabric softener or at least use less. I’d used them in other dryer loads but this was the first with all acrylics. I’m surprised they worked.

OH! Laundry stuff! I thought from the title that you were talking about some smokin’ hot guy!

We live with staticy, somewhat scratchy clothes around here because hubby is so allergic to fabric softeners. At this point, we’re used to how our clothes feel and prefer not to spend anymore money on laundry than we have to. However, this is good to know just in case we ever need to soften something up.

Thanks for sharing.

I have a brand new bottle of fabric softener that’s not been opened yet. When I do use the stuff I put a little bit on a wet rag and toss it in the dryer, dryer sheet style. It takes less that way. I don’t use it often, now maybe never. The last bottle I had lasted more than 10 yrs. It’s the static from synthetics that I don’t like, and the smell of the fabric softener. I’d like to know why the things work. I noticed several different imitators at the store the other day. I got mine for about $5. The only drawback to them is they sound like I’m drying rocks.

After reading about menopause and how slow The Lounge has been, I decided to use a thread title that might get your attention. I guess it worked. :wink:

Got my attention that way too, GG. Good one.

I thought it must be a joke or a reference to Gray’s Anatomy. :lol:

I like fabric softener, but only one scent. Downy April Fresh. It doesn’t leave an overpowering scent in the clothes IMO. I’ve heard of these dryer balls, but it seemed like they would beat up the clothes too much. Glad to get a review!

Is there a menopause thread? I’ve been dealing with it for 18 yrs. :hair:

Jan, ArtLady responded to a thread that seemed to be about menopause and found out it was years old but she didn’t notice when she posted to it. There was also mention of how little activity there is in The Lounge and I thought I should do my part. I don’t use my dryer for everything, I dry most stuff on racks most of the time but acrylics need the dryer. I’ve only used these balls a few times and was totally amazed at no static. I had some other things that helped a little and I couldn’t tell they damaged the clothes. I really didn’t think about it before. I know that drying in the dryer my clothes didn’t seem to hold up as long as compared to not drying in the dryer.

I often dry things like jeans, bras and underwear on a line when they are new, but once they’re older I don’t bother usually. There’s always a few things you do have to dry flat like some hand knits.

I wonder if towels soften up with the balls. I hate using fab sof on them because it builds up eventually. Normally I just dash and dry w/o it, but our water is so hard eventually they lose softness so I succumb to using it after a few years.

Mr.Steamy got me too…not cause I wanted to see some hot guy but I was wondering who would have the nickname Mr. Steamy and what could said person be knitting. LOL!

Concerning Fabric Softner…I don’t use it very much and when I do it is only a small amount…probable 1/3 of what is recommended. I make my own laundry soap…and just doesn’t seem to need a lot of softner.

I do however keep a box of Bounce sheets…ORGINAL SCENT. I use it as a bug repellant on my skin and clothes…that is I rub the sheet over myself then put the sheet into my pocket. It worked as well as DEET during a terrible camping trip when the bugs were worse ever. We were miserable but we smelled good and our clothes were soft. LOL!

I don’t recommend rubbing it all over your head though, unless you want extremely limp hair. Rub it all over your face and neck then on your hat. I’ve not used bug spray for over 20 years…but I do use Bounce.

Jan, when I had babies, the nurse at the dr’s told me to add vinegar to the rinse water for their diapers to help prevent diaper rash. Vinegar will help remove mineral build up so if you could try adding it and then rinsing again to get the smell out (it will dissipate on its own but some people don’t want to wait) that might help soften up your towels, the baby diapers were always reasonably soft w/o fabric softener. I’m odd, I like my towels kind of rough.

tangrene, I’ve heard that Bounce will repel insects. My problem with anything scented is that the scent will get stronger and stronger. When other people are trying to figure out how to make the smell of perfume last longer, I’m trying to avoid it because it does get stronger. I have decided that I’m more sensitive to smells, fragrant or otherwise, than other people, many give me a headache even. I don’t why. However, if I’m going into skeeter infested country, I think I’ll get Bounce original and give it a try. Lucky me, bugs rarely bite me if they have any other warm blooded option.

Thanks for the info, GG. I’ll have to give it a try.

Skeeters love me! Argh! We don’t get many here normally thank good goodness!

I thought it had to do with blood type, but googled it and sure enough it seems that type O people are more likely to be bitten. I’m B- and my DD is B+ and neither of us attracts mosquitoes, seldom get bitten. We can be in flea infested houses and if there is any other warm blooded critter around, we will only know there are fleas if we see them or see the bites on others. We’re a last resort. When she moved out and took her cats I found out there were fleas in the apartment. I put out Borax and never saw a flea again.

Well, I’m type A+ so who knows.

We always use boric acid in the carpets when we have pets. We buy it in a big tub at Home Depot.

I too use vinegar for a softener as needed, but I prefer my towels with nothing because they absorb better. I don’t like wasting my precious vinegar that might be needed elsewhere.

I can’t tolerate much of the perfumes added to laundry, soap, and any cosmetics (which I don’t use) but I really do like those facial wash clothes if I can get them unscented. While the Bounce is very scented…I think the fact the bugs are bugging me makes my tolerance to the Bounce scent higher. LOL I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the scent if I wasn’t in the outdoors.

I hope you didn’t take that to mean I don’t use soap…jI ust don’t use cosmetics cause it bothers my eyes. I make my own body soap too…and the only scent I use is tea tree oil. I use it in my yearly batch of laundry soap and a slight amount in my hand soap.

I’ve heard that balls of aluminum foil placed in the dryer works as a softener/static cling tool. I certainly wouldn’t want to try it out except on towels or sheets…but it might work.

The only thing I can see that vinegar would do as a softener is removing detergent or other residues. I use vinegar for a lot of things. It will clean car grease off walls; it was fresh car grease and if it’s been around a while I don’t think it would work. Baking soda in a drain followed by vinegar can help keep it draining. I need to clean my shower head with vinegar. I use it to clean coffee pots. I have a spray bottle of water and vinegar that is my first go-to for cleaning up lots of things. AND it helps get rid of the smells I don’t want to smell. If I’m turning into skeeter bait, I think I’d be able to live with the dryer sheet smell just fine.