Mr. Greenjeans

Please help before I give up completely and turn the yarn into Hey Teach! I’ve knit this twice to where you divide for the sleeves and the stitch count isn’t right. I followed the pattern [I]exactly[/I] in the correct size. Are there pattern errors? I checked knitty for corrections and couldn’t find any for this. Thanks!

These members have all made a Mr. Greenjeans so maybe they can help, too.

Jan, I figured out my mistake. I cast on for one size and was counting stitches for another. :gah: Yes, I am a goober of epic proportions.

Yes, I am a goober of epic proportions.

You actually wouldn’t be the first one…

Yeah, I know. :aww: The Harlot wrote a blog post about doing pretty much the same thing a little while back. Circle your size in the patern Deb, circle your size… Now that I’ve gotten it straightened out, I am totally loving it again. It is my first top-down and the construction is really neat.

Glad you have that sorted out- I have that in my Rav queue.

Don’t you love it when Stephanie blogs about her mistakes? She is so accomplished as a knitter that when she messes up- it makes me feel like there’s hope for me!

Let us know how it’s going!

lol Actually, your not. You’re pretty normal.

I have done that too - numerous times. No - you are not a goober!!!
Can’t wait to see your sweater:yay: