Mr. Flurries

These guys just make me smile! :heart: Now I have to find good homes for them! (or just keep them for myself!) The pattern is Here

Awwwwwwwww, soooooooo cute!!!

They could live with me…seriously, I’m sure anyone will LOVE them.



VERY cute!


They are really cute :heart:

So cute!!!


those are so cute!

Those guys are so cute!

They are so cute !

Now I know what I will make with the stupid holiday yarn , that I Just had to have . :teehee:

Thanks :cheering:

I’ve copied out the pattern - it will be good Christmas holiday knitting since I’m not really inspired with anything else at the moment!


Those are really cute!!!

:shifty: I know a good home.

Which HP scarf are you going to do?


I have left over yarn from the Christmas stocking I made Roh… so that’s perfect…

Next year our tree will be covered in little knitted ornaments :smiley:

I made one of those for my MIL for Christmas, they’re great fun aren’t they!

I have the pattern and the yarn. I had GOOD intentions to knit some for gifts. Maybe next year.

omg how cute are those little guys!! I would want to keep one for myself if I were you! just too adorable!

Those are adorable! I think I need to knit one of those next year. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

Love them - I’m going to put them on my list for gifts next year!

Thanks everyone! They are the cutest things and really easy to make. I also used up some left over Christmas yarn.

Jazzyp~Your’s is so cute in your avatar!

I’m not sure yet. I think the original Gryffindor one. It will be for a firend of mine.

Love the flock of Flurries! So cute!