Mr Dangly

i finished him i finished him. it wasnt that bad a knit bu took me ages as i had to fit it in around a uuuuuuge amount of uni work etc.
im not a 100% happy with the ends of the arms and legs, they have ended up a bit puckered, but never mind.

All of his parts laid out looks like a puzzle…

He’s cute!


He is really cute ! I love the green and blue together.

:yay: :thumbsup: :inlove: Awww…
Looks great! Sooo cute! You did an excellent job with Mr. Dangly!!!:woohoo:Did you follow a pattern or did you make it up?

:happydance: very cute!! great job

I love him!! I was going to make one myself - there is something so adorable about him. Love your colors!

He is adorable :slight_smile: Nice choice of colours too!

My dd saw the two pics and wanted to know if the poor monkey got hit by a truck and flew apart into pieces! :roflhard: He’s really cute!

Oh Michelle, that is adorable.Tell your dd that Mr Dangly is fine and has just enjoyed a big bowl of chocolate mouse (well his knew owner has anyway).
perhaps i should have put the pictures up the ther way around!

He’s cute. :slight_smile:

I think the pre Mr Dangly is the mascot for the saying “the sum of all our parts” That is very sweet!!! I bet his new ower will cherish him.

very cute!!