Mr Bean's Teddy!

I am a Mr Bean fan and I found this:

How fun!

(I guess there is also an “official” knitting pattern, but I have only seen it on UK auction sites as a “freebie” that was included when you bought a some older Mr. Bean VHS tapes…)

It’s got starey eyes like Mr Bean :zombie: :slight_smile: Cute. Thanks for posting it.

I don’t know who Mr.Bean is…but that is a cute teddy in knit…thanks…

Thanks for this! I’m a HUGE Mr. Bean fan too!

My favorite episodes are 1) When he buys the TV and strips naked to be able to watch it (you’ll have to watch the show)…and 2) The redecorating (repainting) episode (I crack up every time I see the last scene [after the guy comes in to get his hat and the paint can explodes]…
I must admit sometimes I wish I could paint that way!

You can watch clips here:
(notice the silhouette of his bear on the tv screen “loading” to the right). :wink:

Here’s a better link…Watch clips of Mr. Bean on YouTube.