Mr. Bean Bear anyone?

I’m really excited, I went out yesterday and bought some yarn for the Mr. Bean Bear . Anyone who’s ever seen this show will appreciate how cool this is, I can only hope that mine will look as great as the one on the site, I couldn’t find the yarn listed in the pattern (since it’s Australian and may actually be discontinued - it’s not even on ebay).

So I’ve started and the yarn may be a bit too thick and not exactly the same in measurements in my swatch even using size 1 needle (but close enough I feel). I’m curious to see if anyone else has attempted this pattern. If so, any pitfalls I need to be aware of, what yarn did you use? Any suggestions (things missing in the original pattern). I am hoping to have this done, sewn and stuffed by Thursday since we are flying home on Friday to visit family for a couple of weeks and I’m hoping this will be a good gift for Dad. Right, better get on with it.


OH he’s CUTE!!!

I’ve knitted the bear and had a couple more inches to go - I ran out of yarn, so there it sits (about a year now). There was a lot of knitting for this bear - I was surprised! I didn’t have any problem with the pattern.


Thanks Carolyn. I actually put the project away today :crying: I bought the wrong kind of yarn (a mix up with aussie/UK/US yarn thing). I really thought it was something I could work around, but when I started on the smaller parts (foot base) I realised that worsted is far too thick for this project. But even after the body and legs (and one foot bottom) I realize that there is a LOT of knitting on the bear too. I have to wait until I can work out the right yarn and get some when we get back from our trip. The good thing is that my Dad didn’t know I was making this, so he’s no-the-wiser about NOT having this bear…[/i]


My FIL is a HUGE Mr Bean fan… I HAVE to make this for him …



I’ve never seen Mr. Bean (so flay me), but that bear is great. I’m definitely going to have to make him!

HE’S COMPLETE! I’m so happy, I managed to complete Mr. Bean’s Bear just in the nick of time for my Dad’s belated Birthday gift. He loved him, so did my hubby, who now wants one of his own. There is a picture of him below, and a few more of him with other info on my blog (link below). He was tricky to figure out when it came to putting the pieces together, but I think I created a pretty good representation of the bear from the TV series of Mr. Bean. Enjoy!

He’s adorable!!!

So cute! Great job. :thumbsup:

(p.s. Love your blog, and congrats on your recent marriage.)

How cute is he great job!!

Your Mr. Bean bear turned out great! Maybe I’ll just insert another color for the last couple of inches that I have left to do - you’ve motivated me!


Thanks for the compliments everyone. I’m so chuffed with him, in fact I’ve nearly finished hubby’s Teddy (just one ear and a load of sewing and stuffing to do).

Carolyn, good luck finishing your bear, I’m curious as to which part of him will be a different color, blue ears maybe, or a red top of the head?

Earthchick, thanks for the comps on the blog, I feel I’m a bit of a geek having one on knitting (of all things) but it’s a great help for me to keep a track of all I’ve done in such a short space of time. Thanks also on the congrats on the wedding, it was a truly wonderful day, and we are so happy to tie the knot after 10+ years together!


Hi Cathy,

First, congratulations and best wishes!

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier - have been busy with work. All the pieces except part of one “body” are done and some pieces stitched. I ran out of yarn when I was working on the second “body” - so - it’s the last couple of inches which would be the crotch. What a place to run out. The yarn I’m using is old (“inherited”) and it didn’t have labels. I’m not even sure if I’m using the same yarn and dyelot, but it felt and looked the same. I should just start over again - both my kids are big Mr. Bean fans.



Where can you buy the woodblend crepe yarn? I can’t find it anywhere.

I’m pretty sure that you can’t, it’s Australian and I think that it’s out of production (although you might luck out watching ebay for a few weeks/months). I had a nightmare trying to figure out the yarn, eventually settling for a worsted weight wool yarn, but the second bear I did was with a British acrylic (really cheap and nasty) and it worked out fine too. Since it’s Mr. Bean’s bear I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have to be perfect. Good luck.


I found something called “Panda Woolbale” at Smiley’s Yarns.

Could this be it?

I’m just starting my mr. bean bear, but I thought I would ask this now, so I don’t run into headaches later. Do you guys have any tips on how to embroider the nose? I have no experience with embroidery. Thanks!