MP3 players?

If you buy iTunes songs, burn them to a CD and then rip them into Windows Media Player. Voila! Your iTunes songs can then be used on your non-iPod mp3 player!

i have one like sharly’s, only it’s black with blue controls, and it is 4Gb. so far, i’ve only filled up 1.27Gb or so and i have a LOT of music on there. i gave $160 last christmas. (right after 12/25)

I got a sansa c200 series a couple of days ago and I love it. It was a birthday present. I only have songs on it for now, and only 22, but still…

I have a Sansa “SanDisk”
and I have been very happy with it. I am sad, though, because I got it for my birthday last year and while still at my old job where I could listen to the radio on earphones all day. Then two months later I got my current job and don’t get to use it at work. But…I use whenever I can otherwise. I am a techno-dingbat, but just messing around with it I have gotten several cd’s copied to it. I haven’t done the podcast or buying mp3’s to load to it.
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Thanks for the info! I didn’t know you could do that.

Wow:passedout: 30Gs and I was thinking 4 would be great lol. So many options. Thanks for the info! anne

Hi everyone, I am soooo lost. I received a mp3 player for christmas and am trying to save a episode of “cast-on” in the “windows media player 11” so I can then put it on my “mp3 player”. I think it gets saved to the “library” but I cannot figure out how to do this.
Can anyone help me out, please???
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DH got me the Apple iTouch. I love it. I can surf the net via wifi, watch movies, listen to music, podcasts etc. You can always check the Apple website for refurbished iPods; they have a warranty on them as well. I got a FM transmitter package (brand: Belkin) @ Costco. With FM transmitters they vary as some may be a bargin but you get a lot of static and what not. Find a place with a decent return policy should that transmitter is not to your liking. Some transmitters are plugged in to your cig. lighter, some are plugged in your headphone jack and is battery operated. Mind you cig. lighter one will charge your iPod.


Hi Dangles,

I am totally lost with figuring out how to really use this. I did manage to put “my pictures” and rip a cd album that I already owned but cannot figure out how to save a podcast to then put into my mp3 player. The player I have works fine…it is me who is doing something wrong. I just ordered two books from Amazon on how to use the player and also Windows Media Player. Hopefully they are user friendly books. Wish me luck!

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i’ve had good luck with creative zen products. i started out a year ago with a 4gb zen player. this christmas, we bought a 2gb zen and 2 1gb zen stones (little bitty ones) for a teenager and my 2 little girls.

after christmas, when i was finally able to spend some christmas money on MYSELF, :wink: i upgraded to the 8gb zen microphoto and gave hubs my 4gb one to listen to in his truck. the odd man out in our family is 11yo stepson, who purchased an ilo brand player. i didn’t know how to load it. :aww: the zens are so easy, i had to sit down for about an hour before i mastered his ilo.

(you may have noticed i am somehow the designated music-loader-upper in the family now.)

I got an iPod Shuffle for Christmas and I love it. The sound quality is great and this thing is soooo tiny. I am thrilled with it! I already have about 130 songs on it (but I knew before Christmas I was getting it so I downloaded every song I have ever wanted to listen to while knitting and stored them to dump onto the iPod once I actually got it). I use LimeWire Pro to download songs and then transfer them into iTunes to put onto my machine. LimeWire has a free download section or you can buy the professional.

Good luck to you!

Hi Arlene,

I can empathize with your confusion! I also had a tough time juggling my mp3 player (a Sandisk Sansa, which I love to listen to when I’m washing dishes) and Windows Media Player, but hopefully my experience can help you.

When I save my podcasts (or whatever) I right click on it and then click “Save Link As.” I then save it to a file in My Music that I’ve named Knitting Podcasts Audio.

After it has loaded, I then go into Windows Media Player and under “File” go to “Add To Library.” There should be a listing there of files where your computer will look to add new stuff to the WMP library. You can manually add files to this list; I manually added Knitting Podcasts Audio. So I click “Okay” and then wait a minute for it to find the new files.

You can then go to the little list on the left side of the library screen and click “Recently Added” and your podcast should be there!

I’m not sure what type of mp3 player you have, but if it’s like mine you can then plug it into the USB on your computer and manage your files with Windows Media Player, adding and deleting music and podcasts quite easily.

I hope this helps you!

The very coolest thing I’ve done with my Sandisk Sansa is use it to listen some music I hadn’t heard since I was a little kid!

Awhile back I bought myself one of those USB turntables. It plugs into my computer and I can put old LPs, 45s, and even 78s on it and convert them into digital audio files! From there it’s an easy step to load them onto my mp3 player, but it’s a strange feeling to hear such old music playing on 21st century technology (I love it!)

I’m talking about old records from the 1950s and '60s – stuff that’s admittedly pretty cheesy and/or moldy :roll: but, hey . . . I’m talking childhood nostalgia!

Does anybody remember Dick Contino and his accordion?

:teehee: :hiding:

Hi Christine,
I have a Sony so it should be no problem. I am going to try doing it your way. Last night I hit sync and it was doing something for about 20 minutes and loading it into my mp3. I was shocked to say the least when I saw that what sync had done was make a list of everything that I have in “my docs” that had a picture and that is what it put on my player. It took me over an hour to delete the mess. I do not have a cd burner so “my docs” is jammed with knitting lessons, patterns and instructions. I am determined to understand the procedure and not ready to give up…yet.

Take care,