Mozilla FIREFOX Problem/Question

Hi’ya! :waving:

I recently received my invitation to the Ravelry site.They highly recommended using FIREFOX as the browser, rather than IE.

So I downloaded FIREFOX, making it my default browser.
I didn’t un-install IE7. I can use one or the other.

Here is a BIG GLITCH that I have found when using FIREFOX however:

I have a personal website. When I am updating the content of the pages, the procedure is SAVE/PUBLISH. After the website software has Published the new page(s) to the live web…it will display the page [I]live using my default browser.

[/I][COLOR=Red]Now here is my problem with [B]FIREFOX[/B]:[/COLOR] it will [U]not[/U] “display” all the changes! Some yes, some no. :eyes:

But, when I migrate over to IE7…[B]the changes [U]are[/U] [U]displayed[/U] 100% correctly, as they always have been.[/B]

[B][COLOR=Blue] What is this all about? [/COLOR]Why is[COLOR=Red] FIREFOX[/COLOR] refusing or unable to display my newly [U]updated and published[/U] website page(s)?
[COLOR=Black][B]Another question: If my customers (who use [COLOR=Red]FIREFOX[/COLOR]) visit my website, will they also NOT SEE the updated pages??[/B][/COLOR]

Hmmm. This is very vexing.

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong FIREFOX?

By the way, my website is[COLOR=Blue][/COLOR] If anyone with FIREFOX wants to help me with this issue, I am deeply grateful. Please understand, I am not fishing for business with this request! :shrug: I just need some help with the FIREFOX mystery.
Click here for my [B][COLOR=Blue]ART INDEX [/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]page. [/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=Black]It [/COLOR]is the offending page, among others. Scroll down a bit, you should see [U]3 pieces of Afrocentric art[/U] (not 2 vases and 1 afro lady) displayed with red background. THIS IS the way IE7 displays the page, and this is how I have published the page. [U]THREE PIECES[/U] showing black people: one couple, and two ladies separately.

If you use [COLOR=Red]FIREFOX,[/COLOR] do you see THREE pieces of Black Art (afrocentric) on the ART INDEX page? You should.

Thanks a bunch! :hug:

if you’re running vista, it tends to have issues with firefox.

i see it as you described. HTH

ArtLady - I opened your page in Firefox and I see what you say I should…

I just downloaded Firefox myself for Ravelry so can’t help you with the other issues:shrug:

HTH Chris

BTW: That is a beautiful website :slight_smile:

I agree with Lilhuskies, Vista has a bit of a problem with Firefox. I’m running Xp Pro with Firefox, and I show the page exactly how you described it, and tested it with IE7 to compare the two. Both were exactly as described. Now if you’re not on Vista, then it could be due to the stored information on the browser. you could close the tab, (or window) and try loading the page again.

I’m running XP. Not too excited about VISTA so far.
Thanks for your input! :thumbsup:

Hi Rorshach! :waving: I am not running VISTA. I have XP Home Edition. What do you mean by the term “stored information on the browser?” Does a browser store page content??

Well, I will open the page using FIREFOX, and click F5 to refresh the page and see what happens.

However, that doesn’t account for why YOU personally see 3 black people on IE7…and 2 pottery & 1 black woman on FIREFOX.

Thanks for you help and input!

FF user here running Vista. I see the page as you described. Check to see if you have any updates needed for FF.

Firefox could also be caching sites, but I don’t have it on my computer here at work, so I can’t tell you where the setting is. If you go to the page that shows an old version, hit refresh and see if it updates. If it does, your browser is set to store the site, and you just have to disable that option.

Very good point. It does do that. I just go to tools and then clear private data. It clears out the cache among other things you choose. :slight_smile:

I only use firefox, and I see the three afrocentric images. My suggestion would be to click on Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Under Cache, click clear now. It’ll delete all of the old pages and images stored, and completely refresh your browser. It’ll force firefox to reload all of your images from your website from scratch.

Hope this helped… :slight_smile:

Hi Eloewien, Rorsach, and RobynBird!

VIOLA! My page is loading (viewing) correctly in FF now!
Here is what I did: when I published the page…if the newly published page did not show the changes…I hit the F5 key…and VOILA lo and behold…the page changed before my very eyes!

I closed the browser, and migrated to the page again (using FF)…and the changes remained accurate!

[COLOR=DarkRed][B] Eloewien: [/B][/COLOR]How does one disable the option you spoke of…and what option am I disabling? FF ability to store old data?? Are you talking about making FF “always clear out private data”. Will that disable FF from caching the page info, always sending me back to non-existent page content?
Robynbird:[/B][/COLOR] I see the “clear private data” option in the TOOLS dropdown box. [B]What exactly does it clear out? [/B]
I opened up OPTIONS and read more…and selected “always clear out private data”. Will that make it impossible for FF to open an old page from my website. Will that force FF to open the newly updated/published page as I directed without having to hit the F5 key everytime?

You KH-ers are a wonderful buncha folks! Thanks for all your help! :hug:

Hi’a Riss! :waving:

I did as you suggested, and I also copied your directions to a computer post-it note. Next time I have this “cache” issue, I will repeat the process! Thanks again. It did help this new FIREFOX user!

I am glad I did not give up on FF. I was tempted.

I will tinker around with my toolbar settings, etc. more and get it all adjusted the way I like it.

I already found the ability to add cut/paste/copy/print/new tab icons up there by the address bar! That is neat!

Thanks again everyone! Anymore ideas out there that will make FIREFOX more user friendly? Toss 'em out there! :thumbsup:

Well, I love Forecastfox

And I also love Adblock Plus
With Adblock Filterset.G Updater (which blocks almost all internet advertisements! :slight_smile:

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

Looks fine to me! :shrug:

If under tools->options->privacy next to the option to check for always clear private data there is a SETTINGS button. If you click on that it brings up a box that allows you to select WHAT it should clear out. I usually leave the cookies unchecked - which means it will leave you logged in to KH. :slight_smile:

Are you using multi tab browsing?

I love multi-tab browsing. I’ll often right click and open in new tab many things and then I don’t spend a second waiting for things to load, I just flip between tabs. Much fun!

I used IE6, Mozilla, Netscape and Maxthon and saw all three pictures with all. Your page is like way wide though… I don’t care for side to side scrolling.

Hi Deb! [B]Thanks for your input about the width. :thumbsup:[/B] I just recently “widened” it…and was wondering how it would “view”. Most of my art pages are the normal “square” width. Square is the default shape for my website software. Some folks have a square shaped screen and some have widescreen. I am betting your screen is square shaped, as most are.

I will definitely go back to the page width to make my ART INDEX page more friendly to the conventional square screen.

You’re right. I don’t like scrolling side to side either. Top to bottom is bad enough!

Thanks again for mentioning it. It really helps to get input.

Browse through the Add-Ons library. There are a lot of neat tools you can add to FireFox. It’s one of the reasons FF is such a great browser. The Add-ons are virus and spyware free, so you don’t have to worry, and easy to add or remove if you don’t like them. So have fun!

Some of my favorite add-ons:
Adblock - blocks ads, banners, popups. You can allow certain sites though.
Answers - alt-click for definitions or info on words and names
Cooliris - preview links in a mini popup window
Forecastfox - current weather conditions with live radar
IE Tab - open a page in a mock Internet Explorer environment from within FireFox.
Mouse Gestures - navigate webpages, enlarge/reduce pix, and more with just a move of the mouse.
Noscript - blocks malicious or just annoying scripts from loading