Mozilla firefox forum problem

I have tried to use firefox several times and always am irritated by this and go back to MSIE, this time Im asking instead :slight_smile:
When I click on new messages, then go through the list, as I click the link , it takes me to the message, all good so far.
When I hit back, it takes me back to the previous page list of new messages but it never goes to the one I was on, it always goes to the top, this is soooo annoying to have to scroll down through every page finding where I was last.
It doensn’t happen with any other forums I use.
Anyone have this problem or ideas?
Ive looked through options and not seen anything and I’ve looked through mozilla forum and only see the issue from 2005.


Yep, that happens to me, so I leave the list of messages in one window and make use of FF’s tabs to open the ones I want to read in a new tab. Once you have several tabs open you can just hold down the left mouse button over another new message and slide it over to one of the open tabs and that opens it in the tab. Then I leave KH up in a couple tabs and go on to open other sites in the other tabs and leave the main index in one and open more new tabs. Then go back to KH after a while and click on New messages. It’s great, the name of the page you have open is at the top of the tab so you can see where you are.

I knew I could right mouse click on the link and pick open in a new window, but I never seem to remember to do this.
And I didn’t know about dragging a link to a tab.
Maybe I can remember to do one of these now. :aww:
Any idea why it does it on this forum and not some others?


No idea why it would be specific to the forum, but I use tabs so much, I’ve never realized that it was a problem for others.

I am lazy, so I usually do right-click, “open in new tab” but you can also hold down Ctrl as you click and each link will open in a new tab. The second method is often good when going through a list and you want to sort through just the links that interest you.

You can also click the scroll wheel and it opens a new tab too.

Yep, I use the tabs as well. It works great!

I :heart: Tabs!!!