Moving sucks

So i’m moved into my house…ok the house I’m renting…not unpacked at all :teehee: and I’ve been here for a few weeks. Well after heading to HL to see a friend and look at all the new yarns–only got a book on socks:roflhard:–I decided I needed to get back to knitting and went hunting for the socks I was working on. I know I had it when I moved in cause I have knitting class that week but now…WHERE IS MY SOCK!!! crap now I have to start sock 2 or actually unpack:waah:

Someone want to unpakc for me???:roflhard:

OMG…I most totally lost a sock in a move. I put it in a “safe” place so I would find it easily. It took me 1 year to find it.

Good luck…I hate moving too!

I guess if I can’t find that sock to finish mom’s pair then I might start on the pair for the nephew…i know where that yarn is…but needles???

Yes, indeed, moving sucks.

My brother is living in the house he was born into, we’ve moved 18 times, and have at least one more.

You have to unpack anyway, just focus on the sock.

Moving sucks testes…if you feel stressed etc, try moving 1500 miles and leaving behind most of your possessions. :frowning:

UHGH! There is nothing I hate more than moving! I lived in the same house from age 4 until I left for college. Then in college, lived in three different places, plus pretty much having to pack everything and move home for long breaks too… And somehow I always managed to have to go up/down at least two flights of stairs. UHGH! After moving into our current third floor apartment, I told The Boyfriend that we are not moving again until we buy a house (without stairs!!!). We’ve been here since October and we STILL have things in boxes.

You can bet that the first thing I unpacked was my yarn stash, though! :teehee:

I’ve moved often enough that I have packing and unpacking down to an art. That doesn’t make it fun, though - just a little bit easier. In my experience, in every move there is something that takes you months (if not years) to find. I’ve even wondered if I gave something away and forgot about it. Hopefully your sock shows up soon!

I say a trip back to HL is in order to buy new needles so you can start another pair of socks. That is a sure-fire way to find the other needles!

Then alternate evenings - knit one evening, the next unpack. Eventually it’ll all get unpacked and that elusive missing sock will be found.

THe sock was unearthed this morning!!!:woohoo: :woot:
I was digging through a previously opened box for deodorant (now I cna’t find the other one!!!) and I found my SOCK!!! Now to finish it and start #2 :knitting:
Perfect since I have to go to the doc this afternoon