Moving stitches to different needle

I’m knitting in the round and the pattern is asking me to move the stitches to a different size of circular needles. Just wondering if this a trick to doing this? I’m a little afraid of messing up my work.

Just start knitting with the new needle and the stitches will transfer without a hitch!

Oh gosh! I am so glad I asked. I was going to actually try to take the stitches off and put them on the other needles. :doh:

WHEW!! That could have been disasterous!

One more question. I need to switch to a new color too. What’s the best way for me to do this in combination with moving the stitches to other needles?

You can also just start knitting with the new color and weave in the end later.

Great! Seems much easier than I thought. Now if I can just figure out this short row thing. :??

Just do exactly what the pattern tells you to do. When they say turn the work, turn it. There will be stitches left on the needle, but for short rows you’re only knitting part of the row (thus ‘short rows’). If you have any trouble, this is the place to ask!

Thanks. I’m going to give it a try. I guess the only thing that is confusing is the ‘turning around’ part. I’m working with circulars. Do I literally just turn the work around so that I’m knitting on the inside of the work?

Oh Darn! Is it possible I screwed this up? I couldve sworn before I moved the stitches to new needles I was working the outside. Now I’ve got them on the other needles and It looks like I’m working from the inside. Ugh!

If you are doing regular old knitting with circs, you would be working on the outside all the time. BUT if you’re working short rows, you will have to purl back and basically work back and forth until the short row shaping is done.

I havent gotten to the short rows yet. Oh gosh. I think I’ve messed up.

Take a deep breath. What would happen if you just pushed all that you’ve knitted back up through the needles and turned the whole thing upside down after you’ve turned it inside out?

Well I kinda flipped the work to the other side which fixes the problem. Now I’m working the outside again. :? I hope I didnt just screw everything up.

Exactly what I did. It seems to have put me back on the ‘right’ side.

It happens. Especially when the work isn’t very long yet. Glad it’s ok. :wink:

Oh, OK. Phew!! Yeah, I was working on my 13th row.

Thanks a lot for your guidance. :XX:

What would we do without you, Ingrid!?! :heart: