Moving stitches to different dpn needle

I know how that goes. I was pointing out that the video shows it in case it might save you hours down the rabbit hole online trying to figure it out. That’s all. And I know about the rabbit hole from personal experience. I just pulled myself out looking for a specific bind off video that I know I saw and can’t find again. :upside_down_face:

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So true! The Ethernet eats them, I guess. I don’t understand how I can watch a YouTube video and it doesn’t show in my recent views. I save lots and lots of links and notes that I can never find.

Are you referring to my picture? Like the video that GG posted which does a much more thorough job of explaining, I use a thinner strand of yarn to weave in and out every so many rows (usually 5) to help me keep track of my row count and/or the beginning of a round. Actually, I usually place it a few stitches from the beginning or end of the round so it doesn’t get lost in between the needles. And putting it there helps me know whether I just finished the round or just started the round. I tend to overanalyze, so having the strand right at the beginning can easily confuse me. Ring-type markers get in my way and fall off. A piece of yarn works much better for me.

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Yes I was. I rewatched the video to try to understand. I did mange to figure out it was marking every 5 rows. Currently I do most projects that I have loaded into knit companion. It allows me to track different things: ie: rows, patterns completed etc. but since I many times have several projects going at once, if I put one aside for a few days or a week, I really struggle to remember what I was counting. So I might have to try something like this too.

I use KC as well and also manually track my progress with this method. I’m always second guessing myself. (“Did I advance the counter in KC.”)

Have you found a way to link an overall counter with the repeat counter in KC? I still have to tap two counters to do that.

I think I might have figured out the youtube history mystery. I’ll know I’ve watched a video recently, it doesn’t show history. Then I realized I had clicked on another from the same page and that one showed in history because I then closed the tab. Doesn’t help much when I want to go back to one I’ve seen though.

Sometimes in the library it shows what I’ve watched recently

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I don’t think so, if I understand the question. But I do constantly check myself by looking at the stitches to make sure I marked the row. These slipper socks I’m working on with cables is keeping me on my toes and I haven’t even gotten to the heel yet.

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I sometimes re-arrange my stitches on dp’s so that I can avoid purling the first stitch on each needle. I find it awkward to do this. You just have to remember to switch them back if you need to have a specific arrangement (decreases at the gusset section of a sock for example).

I’ve never thought of using yarn to mark knitting this way, but think it’s genius!

Thanks! I can’t knit without it! Apparently, I didn’t invent it, but I did initially figure it out for myself.

I tried to do that but if it wasn’t that issue it was ending up with the 2/2 cable being split between 2 needles so I focused on that and am becoming more adept at purling the first stitch on the needle. Took me awhile to figure out how not to end up with a yarn over. Does it make for fast knitting, no, but it’s at least correct. And it’s a little more difficult to tighten up the transition between needles.

Finished the first sock. Turned out well and fits fine. Working on its mate. Wished I’d done the cuff and leg a little shorter but I’ll just do the second one to match. Still have to do the i-cord, which will be a first but will wait till I finish the second sock and do for each sock at that time. Will post a pic when I’m totally finished.