Moving stitches to different dpn needle

I am knitting yarnspirations cheerful cable slipper socks. I am onto round 2 of leg. At the beginning I was to cast on 40 stitches and divide 10 stitches to each of 4 needles. So far so good. But the repeat is over 8 stitches. 2/2 LC k2p2 and repeat to end of round. But at times this 2/2LC is between 2 needles. So why would they be specific to stitches of 10 on each needle. I tried this last night and made some kind of mistake so didn’t come out evenly so tried to tink back but ended up ripping back several rows,which surprisingly I managed, but now have put in a lifeline and ready to try again. So should I just move the stitches and I guess realign to the 10 stitches per needle when I get to the heel.

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It seems to me the reason for doing as indicated is to have the same number of stitches on each needle - equal distribution. There is no absolute rule that the number of stitches on each needle must be the same with any in the round method or that the first stitch of the round is the first stitch on the needle. If you can distribute the stitches to work better for you then do it that way keeping in mind you’ll need to know where the bor is. I would have to actually work it out with yarn and needles to figure it out but I bet salmonmac or someone else will have numbers for you. If you’re not totally committed to using dpn you might find two circs or magic loop easier for grouping stitches to make the pattern easier. No, I’m not saying circs are better and you should use them.

I’m thinking of copying this pattern but working it toe up, magic loop.


I agree with GG. You can move the sts to accommodate the cables and mark the beginning of round (BOR) for sure. I would put markers in to mark the ends of the original dpns as much as possible realizing that this may be difficult with the cable crosses. There are going to be decreases before the heel so that BOR marker will be a big help in counting stitches.

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Thanks. I really never thought of not having bor at start of needle. This would make it easier to have marker there. I’m sure once I get the hang of this I’m going to love this project. I am using “I love this yarn metallic in royal blue.


Thanks I will try to place markers to mark end of original dpn as you have suggested. It makes sense.

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I use markers like this when I work a pattern written for dpn on circs to help me keep track of what’s where as I go along. It works. I think you’ll find it a big help unless or until it no longer matters. A running yarn marker is useful when others won’t stay where you need them also. I enjoy Lucy Neatby’s videos because IMO she has such a lovely, soothing voice as well some really practical ways of doing things.

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@KnittinGigi you have one point neither for nor against circular needles vs DPN’s.

5 needles could hold 8 sts each.

2 circulars would come to 24 on one and 16 on the second.

4 DPN, 16 on needle 1 (with the first stitch of the round starting that needle), and 8 Sts on each of the remaining 3 needles.

1 over long circular using five magic loops? How to mark the first st of rnd?

Nothing is perfect. Unless you have a set of 6 DPNs.

(I may be too Obsessive / Compulsive to try this pattern) 🫣

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks, I needed that!

Heck, with ML I’ll move stitches from front to back and back to front as it suits my needs. At times I pull another loop through for some reason which at this moment escapes me. But five loops???!!! Tell me you’ve done it and it works, please oh please. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I confess that two circs is a no go for me. I simply can’t get past ending up with all the stitches on one needle so for me it’s ML. I can knit with dpn, have done so and will again, but I get so tired of chasing down the needle I just dropped. I like my needles leashed for easy retrieval.

I’d probably switch methods (to 2 circs or magic loop). The only thing I’d add to others’ comments is that markers at the beginning or end of a needle fall off for me. I mark and count rows like this.

@Beth_Leatherman I was not able to view your image.

@salmonmac any helpful suggestions?

[Edited: my German studies has confused my keyboard auto correct. :roll_eyes:]

I had the same problem but hoped it was just on my end. I’ll try again. It took me severa times to pick the image and not pick several extras. :roll_eyes:

And then there’s auto correct! I meant, “I wonder if it works to put the picture in an email reply.”

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Appreciate all the ideas. At this point I will continue on with dpn’s. But good to know what I could do if I need to switch. I really don’t mind dpn’s. Currently have it as 14,10,8,8. But I might need to change it again.


First I had as 8,12,10,10 but when I got to row 6 of cable pattern I had to change it because 6 was different (which the first pass through this I read it wrong thinking it was the same as row 2 except for direction of cable…wrong.)So had to rip out a bunch of rows. That will teach me to pay closer attention. So when I get to row 6 again I might have to change again. Guess this keeps everything interesting.

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I use that method to count rows between cables. Works like a charm.

Unlike autocorrect for which I have several choice words.

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Sorry, I am not understanding this and how it works.

The photo looks like running yarn markers were used. The video I linked above shows how to use them. This an extremely handy thing to be aware of. Sometimes other markers just don’t work well.

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My vertical thread of yarn has saved me countless times!

Autocorrect can be turned off, but then it wouldn’t fix the mistakes I need it to fix! :joy:


Sorry, GG. I didn’t watch the video you posted. You caught me!

Oh sorry. I had watched it but I just didn’t correlate back to the video. My bad. And yes, my regular markers sometimes fall off and I am clueless when and how it has happened

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