Moving stitches in magic loop

So I am doing magic loop for 1st time. Took several start overs to finally figure out how to not have ladders. Now my question is the pattern started with p2k2. So I followed this since I figured it would be important when getting into actual pattern. So purling at bor not my favorite so I want to move 2 knit stitches to front and use marker so I know bor. So when I move it, I will leave it on my working needle since it was last stitch worked(actually plan to move 2 stitches) pm and then go on to the bor. Do I have this right or am I borrowing trouble.

That’s going to work. Pull out a loop between the last 2sts and the 2 before them. Then there will be the 2last sts at the tip of the right hand needle, a marker and the rest of the sts to be worked on the left hand needle.
I always move sts on dpns so that the needle begins with knits rather than purls, too.

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Thanks. This making it so much easier. Also using baby alpaca yarn (first time). So soft but it takes getting used to. But the pattern called for it. Though the real yarn was discontinued but this cascade eco alpaca was listed as an excellent match.