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I’ve been looking all over the internet for a FREE KNITTED dishcloth bottle apron pattern, and can’t find one. Plenty of crocheted ones, but no free knitted soap bottle aprons.

Does anyone have a pattern, or know where a free one can be found?
I’d like to knit a few of those, for my friend’s kitchen dish soap bottles.

Here’s a sewn version:

here’s a crocheted version:

I used both your links earlier and they worked fine, now I get a page not found type of message on them.

I can’t find a pattern. It should be pretty easy to wing it. Start at the top and then increase for the bottom or start at the bottom and then decrease for the top. You could use ribbon or I cord to make a loop for the part that goes around the neck of the bottle and for the apron strings.

You could then write up your pattern and publish it yourself.