Moving from circular to double points?

I am knitting this hat and almost at the point where I have to move from my circulars to double points. I have watched the videos on this site, but they start on the double points. Any insights on how I move to the four double points? Thanks in advance.

There are two ways you can do it. Just start knitting off the circ with a dp. When you have the number of stitches you want on it start with another dp. OR you can just slip the stitches onto the dpns (purlwise -tip to tip) one at a time.

Having just gone through this, I HIGHLY recommend knitting onto the dpns. Slipping them off the circulars on to the doubles just adds a step where you may screw up and drop a stitch… At least I did. =S

Thank you both–and Octo–great tip—I am going to try it tonight…wish me luck! :slight_smile: