Movie: "The Holiday"---Knitware

I saw the sneak preview of this movie this weekend and I have to say that it is delightfully predictable. I loved it and will definitely have to add it to my DVD stockpile when it comes out. Very much a “chick-flick!” (for the record…not at all a fan of Cameron Diaz or Jack Black…This is the second time I have been delighted by a CD movie. “In Her Shoes” was wonderful too!)

Buuuuuuut the point of my post is that I am pretty sure you all have to go see this one if only for the sweaters. I am not a sweater knitter at all but i was thinking of you all and chuckling to myself imaging you all sitting forward in your seats trying to figure out stitch patterns…Meanwhile I was sitting back and working on a pair of mittens. :teehee:

What is the name of it? Knitware?

lol no i was just talking about the knitware in the movie “The Holiday.” Sorry! :wink:

:teehee: Ohhhhh! Okay, thanks!

I just was talking to a friend about seeing that movie. I had no idea it had knitted stuff in it! We wanted to see Marie Antoinette for the shoes (was it Manolos or Choos?) but we never got around to it.

I’m pretty sure it was converse all-stars.