Movie Star Dressing Gown Rowan

Hi everyone,
this is my first time in this forum and I really do not know how this works. So I just give it a try.
I am from Germany and am working on the Movie Star Dressing Gown together with a friend. It has been hard figuring out the pattern but that worked quite well after a lot of research.
Now we got stuck with the collar. It does not say specifically that you do it separately and later on sew it in place. Is that how it should work?
Another question is if the skpo and the psso are the same? Then, why do they use different terms…?
It would be lovely if someone could help us.
Thank you all a lot in advance.
Greetings from Germany

Hi Manuela :waving:

You’re doing the exactly the same thing I did nearly 2 years ago, I was stuck on the dressing gown and my hubby found this site where I got good advice.

The pattern isn’t easy to read. Yes the collar is made separate and out on afterwards.

Here is a link to a thread I started way back, there is lots of good advice on there;

And this is my finished gown;

Good luck! I’m currently working on the short version for someone (even though I vowed NEVER to do touch anything like that again!)

If you need any more advice give me a pm.

Hi Nobones,
thank you so much for your help. I am so sorry that I reply so late but I could not find my thread and my friend had to help me find it.
We will work the collar then separately as you said. In one of the old threads you mentioned that you had to do it a couple of times. What was the problem there, do you remember?
And you are really doing another one??? Is it easier now?
We both are doing the long version and hope that it will come out as awesome and impressive as yours. Thanks for the picture it shows us that it is possible to finish it…

Good luck with your second dressing gown.

Thanks a lot!!!