Mourning FOs that I didn't take pictures of

For the first two years that I knit, I didn’t really think to take pictures of things, and I gave away almost everything that I knit. At first it was no big deal. An iPod arm band from Knit-1 made from Red Heart acrylic. A belt and scarf in Matrix.

But now I am sad that I didn’t take pictures. I have managed to talk some people into taking pictures of the things I have given them, but I am not in regular contact with everyone who got a knitted something-or-other from me, and I have completely lost touch with others.

Things I am missing photos of:

  • Greek Pullover in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (technically, I have a photo, because she wore it in her Christmas card picture, but it isn’t one I can share in the Whatcha Knittin forum)
  • Zeebies Bag from SNB Handbook
  • Meemas Marsupial pouch in pink and grey for MIL (I got shots of the ones I made in pink and black for grandma and mom)
  • Clementine, from 25 Bags to Knit (and another little purse from that book)
  • Two sets of Spa Facecloths from a 2005 issue of Creative Knitting
  • Tilting Blocks Baby Blanket in pistachio
  • A sweater for my dad in Big Noro (mom would snap a pic for me, but it has been worn for over a year now, wouldn’t be the same as a “fresh off the needles” shot)
  • A diagonal baby blanket in Homespun that I altered to be rectangular
  • A shawl for my grandma in Linnie 114 Space ribbon yarn in a rainbow verigated colorway

Sigh. I have to stop. This list is depressing me! I am considering making some of the items [I]again[/I] just so I can get photos! I couldn’t be the only one who goes through this, right?

I never took photos of anything I made until finding KH. I would love to look back on all the baby things I have made over the years. I doubt if many thought about it before digital cameras came along.

There are many afghans that I donated to charity that I never took photos of. It does bother me but I consider it water under the bridge. Try not to let it bother you too much - just enjoy making new things and take pictures of those! I wouldn’t recreate them - just make what you love.

It is one of those things that is kinda sad, but it is not a tragedy and you will be OK! :thumbsup:

That was why I started taking pictures too. And Ravelry made it worse (now I even sometimes take WIP shots). It has gotten to where I will admit to choosing projects in part based on how the photos will look here and on Ravelry!

I also don’t have photos of about 70% of what I’ve knitted over the years. If you add in all the crocheting I’ve done since I was a teenager, I have photos of next to nothing I’ve done. Oh well. I don’t even remember the patterns of all I have made.

The real joy is in the knitting not in the accolades. You got to experience the pleasure of knitting them so don’t sweat the lack of pictures.

Ever since Ravelry asked for TWO of my photos to be the models for the pattern, I’ve been very caught up in the accolated aspect of knitting. I can only presume it will pass :mrgreen:

I understand how you feel. I had a major issue with that over Christmas - I ended up giving a fabulous felted bag to my FIL’s girlfriend. We didn’t have a gift and needed something quick. The worst thing about it is that she’s not a crafty type person and just really didn’t appreciate it. Made me so sad…it’s a big reason I started a blog. It gave me a reason to take pictures of everything I make. It’s nice to have a record of it all in case I want to make something again, or if I need something similar.

I can relate. I didn’t have a dig cam until long after I’d given away numerous items. At one point I had a recip snap loads of pics, was certain I’d saved them, but now they’re nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, with quite a few pieces, they were for my newborn nephew and I know the blankets, hats, etc have since been ‘re-gifted’ or donated… so no longer around for part deux of pic taking. In a couple instances the recip still has what I made and I’m having pics taken now. If nothing else, I like to have a record of what I’ve done and, in some cases, the pics reminds me of what I liked, didn’t like, what I’d have done diff, etc.