Mountain Colors Sock Yarn

Hey all,

I picked up a hank of Mountain Colors Bearfoot at an expo the other day. I was just looking at the colorways last night and realized the Bearfoot is 25% mohair and a knitter friend was all oooooooooooooooooooooh, your feet are gonna iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch, you’re going to be ripping your shoes off they’ll be so itchy!

i’m a little freaked out over this, can anyone confirm/deny? the yarn in the hank does not feel the slightest bit itchy, feels delicious.


I made armwarmers out of MC, and they are not itchy :shrug: My arms don’t sweat like feet do though… (if that makes a difference)

YOu could take a little big and wrap it around the arch of your foot and see if it itches…

I finished a pair of Bearfoots and just love them. They are soft, warm and toasty. Not a BIT itchy. They are one of my favorites, so far.

Hope you like them, too.