Hey guys,
I seem to have a promblem FINISHING anything I start… i get all excited, spend a fortune on yarn, start a project, get a few inches done, and then find something else and the cycle continues… my husband gets frustrated, cuz im always wanting MORE AND MORE yarn. I actually learned to knit becuz i have a VERY addicting personality and love instint gratification, which im sure u can imagine, has gotten me in trouble… so i tried to funnel that addictiveness into something healthy. But after yrs of this im starting to get frustrated with myself, and dont want to fall back into “old habits”… any suggestions???

Work on smaller projects for awhile? That way your husband can see you finish something, too.

Hats, dishcloths, fingerless mitts, soda cozies, etc…

Jan’s suggestion is a good one. Currently I have 3 sweaters, a scarf, socks, a shawl, and maybe a few other things on the needles. I get tired of one thing, switch to another and get bored with it and switch to something else…I decided the mittens could wait since it’s now spring and I tend to need a deadline to finish things. One thing I find helps me finish is knowing I have a child waiting for what I’m working on. That’s why one sweater gets worked on more than the others.

Most of us do have multiple projects. I have 2 sweaters, a hat, 2 pairs of socks, 2 toys, 1 lace scarf. They will all get done eventually. Knitting is supposed to be fun so if I need to I switch projects.

I have the same problem, trouble finishing up. Usually I have several projects underway so boredom doesn’t set in. I am also the worlds worst procrastinator so I “make” myself finish one project before I get the pleasure of starting something new. The new project is my reward for finishing one up! :woohoo: Sort of a behavior modification thing.

:roflhard: I never procrastinate. I put “procrastinate” on my to-do list, therefore I never get around to it. :roflhard:

There is a real satisfaction in actually finishing something. I have even made small squares to use as coasters just so I could know I’d finished a knitting project. Cheating? Oh, well, it works for me.

That’s a good one!! Thanks for giving me some new ideas! I love the coaster thought, we “need” coasters AND it will help with my yarn stash problem as :yay: well

I find that knitting hats and booties for hospital NICUs is a great way to use up acrylic yarn and the projects are small. You get a double payback in finishing a project (or 2 or 3…) and knowing the items are going to a good cause.

Except for a few expenses, like lunch for work, give all your money, checkbook, and credit cards to your husband. Tell him not to give them back to you until you’ve finished something. No FO, no checkbook. It will motivate you.

:noway: That would totally take the fun out of knitting. I’d never get anything done.

Knitter’s Review this week reminded me of your problem finishing projects. It’s “10 tips to stay inspired”. Knitter’s block may not be the problem but some of the ideas apply and may be helpful. I especially like the idea of knitting 10 minutes a day on a project.

good morning jewelly77, I have the same problem. I might have like 3 or 4 different projects going at the same time. What I do is keep everything close by and work a little on one project, put it aside & work a little on another project.When I get too much i just get a mind set to finish one thing and then move on to the next. Sometimes it’s just difficul to have the motivation just to pick it up and start. When I do that I just make myself pick it up and I might only work a few stitches and then get up and do something and come back to it. Eventually I get it done. I don’t know if this helps at all, I hope so. I just found this site so maybe just chatting about it will motivate you.

Some of it may be that the project is above your skill level. I had a couple of projects I set aside because I didn’t understand how to do them. I picked them up again a year later and did them with no problem. My skill had improved since then. One thing you might want to do is check the patterns out at Lion Brand Yarn’s site. They label their projects as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Use a pattern for your level. If you can’t understand something, ask someone in this forum or check Youtube videos.