Motivate me please! Need easy shrug or something

I am so tired of making scarves its not even funny! My daughter and I could probably win the most scarves award!!

I started a shrug (which was a basic rectangle that I will be sewing about 10-12 inches to create the sleeves) but this is boring.

I made my son a beautiful sweater one time, but I needed a lot of help with it. I was taking classes at the time.

Any pattern suggestions – I guess I would like to make my boys hats or something this winter.

HELP–get me out of my rut and back to enjoying my knitting!


[B][I][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“4”][COLOR=“Navy”]How about something for you? Like a pretty shawl! There are alot of easy patterns out there! Have you ever made fingerless gloves? They are easy too! Why not try socks? If you have someone that can help you along the way, they are not bad at all…you’ll love them! Hope these help!

I just made my first hat and that is VERY easy! Hats are fun!

Why not make a booga bag? Check out the two I’ve made in the Whatcha Knitting forum…
They’re easy, quick, and rewarding, because then you can use them as a knitting bag, or anything.
Everyone will comment on them, which will inspire you to make more, which is a good thing, because lots of people will start requesting them! I have another one OTN now, but it’s on hold while I make myself a shrug for a wedding and finish a sweater for my cousin’s new baby…
so much to knit, so little time…

Oh yes! Felt something. It isn’t hard, mistakes get felted in so you don’t see them and it is FUN!

There are easy shrugs you can make (I made one up one time that was easy peasy) and not all sweaters are a mystery. Any pattern is doable as long as you take it one stitch at a time one row at a time. Go search through the free knitting patter central and look at all the man different beautiful things you can make!

I agree, felt something! it’s so rewarding because even if you make mistakes they get covered up with felting. a booga bag or similar bag, felted clogs, etc. there are lots of free felting patterns out there! has a lacey shrug pattern in their free pattern section. It does not look to hard and if you have any problems the designer is always there to help.

Here’s a sort of bolero/shrug that’s pretty easy -
It’s a top down raglan which can be the basis of many sweaters once you get the idea…

Suzeeq – I started the shrug a while ago…then put it down…well I finally started it over and I’m almost done. THANK YOU…it was so easy. I’ll post a pic when I’m done!


There’s a cute and easy shrug from Knitty Gritty called the Lace Sampler Shrug. It was my first experience with lace and first non-rectangular knit… it’s easy and available for free on

I vote for making a bag. They’re easy. I’ve almost finished two with no pattern. Scarves do get old. I haven’t made a scarf for myself yet, though, and have at least two planned! How about a big, square, felted throw pillow?

After scarves, I did hats.

Oh my god, Suzeeq, I can’t believe that is there. Just this past Christmas I went back to Anthropologie with my camera to take a picture of that shrug in the window!!! coz I loved it so much. I figured I would be able to figure the pattern out someday but then I forgot about it and voila here it is! WITH the pattern written out!
:cheering::cheering::cheering: Yeah, I’m very happy. Big Thanks!

OH, KnitNJ, yeah, I second the making something for you! I love making stuff for me. I found extremely useful, a little vest I knit, completely simple, no buttons or anything but knit out of a very very beautiful Italian yarn, multicolored turquoise/green/blue. I keep it on the back of my computer chair and am always grabbing for it when it gets chilly. I don’t have the pattern right now but I might come across it.

There’s a couple Anthropologie based patterns on craftster - this one’s been around a couple years. It’s a good basic pattern, people make them longer, or with longer sleeves, or a lacey pattern - lots of modifications made.