Moths & other Vermin

I just got my stash of yarn from Knit Picks (2 big boxes), and I’m expecting a bunch from Smiley’s tomorrow… :happydance:

Do I need to worry about moth damage, or are they a rare thing??? I’d hate to open up my storage box in an few months & find a bunch of winged-things fly out. :rollseyes:

If I should be concerned, are cedar chips the best deterant???

You should store it in an impermeable box…like one of those BIG tupperware containers. I keep all my stuff in cedar drawers.


The only time I’ve heard of moth damage (and it’s the larvae that causes damage, technically) is for wool that’s been around a long time, in an open area, and often that’s dirty, like fleece or freshly spun yarn. I haven’t heard of any knitter, here or in any other forum who’s had moth problems. I don’t worry about it.

Cedar will make your yarn smell like cedar. Mothballs will make your yarn smell like camphor.

:shock: I hadn’t thought of that. Mine is sitting in an open basket. I WILL be moving it today.