Mothers Day Knitting?

Did I miss the Mothers Day thread?

I think you created one. :wink:

Well here we go Ingrid!

My mom doesnt celebrate Mother’s Day or any other holiday (Jehovah’s Witness). So, shes getting nothing. She is a great Mom and we gift eachother when we see something we know the other will love.

MIL watches the kids for me when I need a break. She would come over and clean out my garage if I let her. She’s a gem. For mil I’m making her a couple of wash cloths in yellow, her favorite color.
Its a fun pattern.

And my dd is making her some homemade soap to go with it.

Anyone else making their Momma (or Mama) something?

And what do I want, nothing. Heh Yeah right I want a set of Denises so bad I can taste it! So many projects are being put off because lack of needles! I need to be needle poor. :slight_smile:

So what are you guys making?

I’m sending my mom a box of knitted things… :smiley:

So far I have a pair of felted clogs, several felted lambs (at her request…), a dishcloth, a hat and I’m just finishing up a modified booga bag for her. I wanted to make her some socks, but I found that I didn’t have enough of the yarn I wanted to use.

I’m making the Dropped Stitch Shawl from Knit Picks:

I don’t have a mother, but I’m working on that crazy fish afgan for my dad. I know it won’t be done in time for mother’s day (my roommate, who also does not have a mother, gives her dad a mother’s day card every year). I might mail him a fish for mother’s day (I’m a total smart***, so I’m sure he’ll be amused and not offended or anything). I’m hoping it’ll be done by his birthday in August, but who knows. SO MANY FISH! :shock: :roflhard:

I was gonna knit her the country bear on KPC… but since March she has been hinting about the felted sheep… I took my encyclopedia knitting book in and she awwed over them… then she kept asking have you made them yet? I wish I could make them… lol now if my yarn would just get here… I always brag on KPs shipping cause it never takes me very long but of course now since its Mother’s Day yarn it holds its taking its time :rofling:

I knit my mom the Clapotis shawl from Knitty. I can’t wait to give it to her! :cheering:

I was going to make her a pair of clogs but I think I need a short bak from them (I just finished my 6th pair). I was thinking of making the Sophie bag. That should knit up pretty quickly.

I think I’m going to make a pair of clogs for mom. I better start soon!!

I am knitting the Dayflower Scarf (pdf file) with Brown Sheep’s cotton fleece in a pinky color for my mil, my mom has passed away & is with the Lord :wink:

LOL what do you do if your mom knits too? My mom knits better than I do! Any other ideas ladies? :slight_smile:


Buy her yarn and a pattern for something you want! HA! Ok, thats not nice.

Hmmm. What about a subscription to a knitting magazine? Or a new book.

I am new to knitting so my mom and MIL are getting my very first projects! From I made the cat cloth and dog cloth. Then I had some blue varigated yarn that I just plain knitted, and for the other cloth I am doing stripes!

I was a little disappointed last night that the dish cloths don’t look perfect, I noticed a couple of minor flaws after binding off, but my husband, bless his heart, told me when was the last time you ever MADE something for your mom? And I was like, probably when I was a very little kid. And he says, even though they aren’t perfect they are going to love them because it shows you care to invest your time to make something homemade :slight_smile: What a guy…

Aw, thats so sweet. What a guy. He’s right. And the neat thing is Moms keep special stuff for a while, so you will be able to see them again and see how far you’ve come.

I :heart: knittingknonsense. She is a real sweetheart!

Since I am still a new knitter and I have made my mom a few things over the months. I am sticking to our Mother’s Day tradition ( but including Dad this time.) For the past couple of years I take my Mom out to a flower nursery and let her pick out a few plants/flowers of her choice. Then it’s off to lunch. We both came up with the idea, to make it easier on me (I hate shopping for presents.) :shock: It’s an enjoyable time for all!


I made both my mom and mil a small felted basket…gotta get over to Bath & Bodyworks and get a few goodies to fill them with.
I just learned to knit this winter so this is the first knitted gifts they are getting from me…but hopefully not the last! :XX:

I’m new to knitting, my mom requested dish cloths when she found out I had learned how to knit. So I made two in yellow and two in a very wild and bright varigated color- yellow, orange and hot pink. I took photos which will get posted at some later point in time, I’m having trouble with my photo editor so can’t shrink them just now for posting.

I started making my mom the French Market Tote from Knitty. But due to my Knitting ADD I quickly became distracted and started the Karabella Brioche Wrap (which is now totally different from said pattern). But hey I’m a Mama too and I want a wrap! I also have another sweater on the needles from before the French Market Tote.

Eek, I need to get it together and get that tote out!


I have to be VERY careful what I make for my mother. When I was in highschool MANY years ago, I crocheted her a full length robe in a shell stitch using the then current brown/gold/orange colors. Done in a cheap acrylic (which was all I knew about back then). She still has it and pulls it out to show my children. It doesn’t fit her anymore, but it’s stored carefully in the top of her closet. I had no idea she still had it until she brought it out to show my grown daughters.

She also still has the poncho I made my baby sister from the same era, and the shawl. None are worthy of long term storage.

I finally found just the thing for her! She has trouble keeping her feet warm and loves the slipper socks I make for her. She wears them out almost faster than I can keep them knit! But hey… if they get worn out, they eventually get tossed (after I put a new toe/ball of the foot in them a few times).

So, she will be getting slipper socks along with a few other goodies.

My MIL was a very sweet woman. When I was in my first years of University I decided to see what would happen if I took a needlepoint pattern and crocheted each stitch. I used what I had on hand… and so the hook was a bit large and the colors weren’t just right, but you could tell it was a rose. Rather rough. Nothing I wanted to keep, but MIL loved it and framed it and for over 20 years I had to look at that thing over her dinning room table! I offered to make her something to replace it, but she wasn’t giving it up.

When she died and we cleared out her house, it was the first thing I took down and tossed. However, if she were still here, I would gladly make her another!

Mama Bear