Mother's Day gifts? What are you doing?

Do you recognize friends, sisters, daughters or anyone else other than Mom for Mother’s Day? This will be my oldest daughter’s first Mother’s Day and I’d like to make her a little something. (We were estranged for years. A grand baby brought us back together again.) Her birthday is this week and I’ve made her a felted bag, went in with her step-mom and got a set of Harmonys from Knit Picks and a ball winder. She discovered knitting over the winter and got hooked quickly. :slight_smile: Anyway, I want to do something (thanks for the other Mother’s Day thread cuz I hadn’t really thought about before that) but don’t have time for anything big. Suggestions? Thanks!

Why don’t you get her a gift card to a hobby store, or get her some nice yarn for a project she’s dying to make? Or, how about taking her to lunch for some “girl time”? I also think a really nice card with something heartfelt is just as good too. Maybe more so. Or, because she’s a new mom, maybe a coupon for you’re babysitting services so she can go out with her girlfriends. Or something just for her like a facial or massage at a local spa. Something to pamper her a little. Heck, get one for yourself too and make a day out of it.

I’m not a mom to human children myself, but my dog is our “baby girl” and my husband always gets me a card from her and my favorite chocolates. Sweetheart!

The only person I recognize on Mother’s Day is my mother. This mother’s day I will actually be home with my Mother (we live in different states) as she is throwing me a baby shower. I will go to church with her, get her flowers and I imagine the entire family will get together for lunch.
As for your daughter - I like the idea someone suggested of having a girls day out with her. My friends did this for me prior to my wedding and it was actually really fun. We went to lunch, then manicure/pedicure (something I had never done before and have not paid to do again on my own) and then wine tasting at a vineyard with our pretty new toes. Talk to her, tell her you would like to do something with her and is there something she wants to do. Maybe she would like to get lunch and see a movie…

Nope. I no longer have a mother and don’t get along with dh’s mother.

I’ll probably get a phone call from my stepsons and handmade gifts from my youngest two (and a cup of tea in bed as they know I don’t eat breakfast… ) and that’ll be it.

We don’t make a big deal out of mother’s day or father’s day here… my firstborn (he’ll be 12) was born the day after mother’s day so with his birthday generally falling on mother’s day, i’d rather have it be his special day (his solution is to celebrate mother’s day in the morning and his birthday in the evening LOL!)