Mother's Day Arrived!

It was in the form of a gift certificate, and I had to think about what I wanted!! I’ve bought NO stash (except a couple of skeins of Bernat acrylic for a practice project) since before JANUARY! J.A.N.U.A.R.Y. , people!! I don’t know if it’s a personal record or not, but I really don’t spend a lot on yarn–so every time a “holiday” comes up for me–it’s stash enhancment/addis/books time for me. (Ya know, as completely generous as my 1 son is–WHY DIDN"T I HAVE MORE KIDS??? (well, on Holidays, at least!!) Ooo…I SHOULD be

I got 3 skeins of lace weight Mistli Alpaca in natural–which I’m thinking of dyeing (actually I DYING to dye it!!lol) it’s about 1300 yds.–and I don’t exactly know what I’m goin to use it for!!; 10 skeins of Catania ( cotton) yarn for a tank top (MODEST, peple, for my dil!!), and Wendy Knits!-her new book --I’ve read her blog for ages.

A bright yellow neck-roll pillow that says " ONE HOT CHICK ", has a little yellow chick with a pink bill on it was a 50c at a yard sale… . and my yard sale buy of the year–a Kate Spade bag–for $5.00 (she came off the $15.00 when tiny little raindrops started raining on the sale!! ) It’s like brand new–don’t why she didn’t like it!:smiley:

So-- here are the pictures–I’m NOT a photographer like so many of you are (I’m terribly jealous, too, you KNOW who you are!!)

Thanks for your patience, folks, I had to flash!!

:cheering: Looks like a great haul you have!

I didn’t vote because there was no category for me. I’ve definitely spent less than $300!

I honestly have no idea how much I’ve spent. It’s much better that way. I did really well for the first couple months of the year, only buying Cascade 220 for a sweater, but I’ve gone a bit crazy over the last few months. My mom lets my dog out most days while I’m working and I’ve got her trained that if there’s a package, she’ll put it up on a shelf for me, so I can put it in my closet and pretend it’s always been there. My dh is usually pretty good about it, but he just doesn’t understand the NEED for more yarn (and needles and books and stitch markers).