Mother Bear Project

Hi ladies…I am trying a “mother Bear” teddy bear (seen on Knitty Gritty knittting for charity) it’s a bear worked as one peice…I am “adding” the arms to the side…Pat says" pick up 8 sts on front of neck and 8 sts on back of neck…How doI pick up 2 pcs at the same time? Or do I use 2 dpns? And if so, not sure how to knit with 2 “live” pcs… Any suggestions…? Thanks Ladies

I was going to ask for a link to the pattern, but I see you have to buy it. :doh: Well based on what you said it sounds like the head should be done on DPNs. I’ve never heard of using less than 4 though… 3 for the yarn and 1 to knit with. :?? Hopefully someone else has done this and can help!

Thanks for the reply…if u want to take the time…go to DIY network, knitty gritty and click on Knitting for Charity…it will bring up the episode with the pattern…I couldn’t get the link to copy and paste here…Thanks soooooo much for you time Cheley

Okay, here’s the link:
Mother Bear Pattern

The arms part:
Putting it together and adding arms:
Fold bear in half along the middle of the head section. Stitch together the sides of the head.
With SC, pick up 8 stitches along the front edge and 8 stitches along the back edge on either side of the neck (16 stitches; see diagram).
Knit 16 rows in SC and sweater pattern.
Change to MC and knit 10 rows.
Sew up side seams, leaving opening in crotch for stuffing

I think because it’s not seamed yet all you do is pick up those stitches (8 front and 8 back) on one needle and then knit them and seam them after along with the rest of the bear. If yo ulook at the diagram you can see that the bears arms are not together and need to be seamed at the bottom. Hope this helps!

Okay, so you pick up 8, then go to the back and pick up 8? That doesn’t seem like it would be an even row to work on? but I’ll give it a try and see what happens…Thanks for you help

Just got an email from the Mother Bear project…DUH :?? I didn’t think to lay the peice “flat”, I was looking at it with sides together…cuz you stitch the sides of the head first, then add arms…so I was looking at it as though it was on peice, but I guess I can open it up to lay flat, then pickup 16 sts…Thanks again

You’re welcome. The pattern could have, should have been explained better IMO.