Most used needle size?

Can someone tell me what the most used needle sizes are? My DH was going to get me the knitpicks set for Christmas, but we can’t afford it (we are college students and we have a 2 year old!) so i thought I would just get the more common sizes. I am just a newbie knitter if that makes any difference. Right now all I have is one set of 4.5 circular cheapies from walmart and I wore the finish off the ends within 4 days of buying them!

It really depends on what size yarn you like to use. If you use worsted weight, then a 7 or 8 is good.

Wearing the finish off the ends doesn’t hinder knitting in any way; some of mine are that way and I’ve used them for years. I like to use bigger ones, 7 and 7.5 mm for sweaters, but I’m weird that way. Size 8 and 10 would be good for most knitting I guess. If you want to make hats and scarves, maybe a little larger; for socks, you need much smaller.


So if I just get size 7-10 that should be good for most patterns? I can’t see myself doing anything to complicated for awhile yet anyway, lol, but lace knitting really interests me…

You can do lace knitting on a 7 or 8 or even a 10. Depends what you want the finished product to look like and which yarn you use.


The sizes I use most are 4.5 or 5mm needles, I think that’s 7 and 8 :smiley:

Okay- thanks everyone! I will get 7 and 8 for sure…

Lacy knitting is usually done with bigger needles, anyway, so you might be able to get away with these.

I found that when I wore away my points on cheapy colored needles, they left a gray residue when I knit on light yarn. I threw them out.

beginner is size 7 & 8 lace knitter will be 3 & 4

I think I use my 8’s the most. I’m doing lace scarfs right now for family for christmas and I used a size 8 needle for fingering weight yarn and now I’m using a 9 for worsted weight.

i would like to try that …how did it turn out ?

I did sort of the same thing as far as just buying ones I thought I might need the most… I looked at the mm measurements of the needles…

4 (3.5mm)
5 (3.75mm)
6 (4.0mm)
7 (4.5mm)
8 (5.0mm)
9 (5.5mm)
10 (6.0mm)
10.5 (6.5mm)
11 (8.0mm)
13 (9.0mm)
15 (10.0mm)
17 (12.0mm)

I put the ones I got in bold – I started with 4 (since I didn’t have that in Denise), and then went by increments of at least 1mm from there, skipping the in-between sizes for now. I’m going to see how that goes and if I miss them, I’ll get them, but I think I covered a decent range. I know probably didn’t need to get all the larger sizes, but I did anyway. In the classic sizes, I have 0 and 1 for socks. (No particular logic there – I got a 1 first, and then decided to try 0 when I found out more tightly knit socks wear better.)

I tend to use size 6,7,8, and 10 needles almost exclusively.