Most Efficient Way to Store Yarn?

There was an amazing sale at the craft store, and I went crazy, and bought at least 100 skeins. The problem is, I live in a one bedrm with very limited closet space. What is the most efficient way to store the yarn, so it is out of the way, and won’t get damaged. I’m a relatively new knitter (almost 1 year) and didn’t really have too much yarn until the sale. Up till now, I have stored my yarn in a tote. I was thinking of using one of those hanging canvas closet organizers I used in college. It has 8 shelves, but I’m not sure if all the skeins would fit. Maybe I could get one of those super huge containers and store the yarn under the bed. What does everyone else here use? Thanks for the input, Stefanie.

Since you invested all that money in a bunch of yarn, maybe you could get one of those deals that you see on TV from time to time. They sell you those really large bags, and this gizmo that sucks all the air out of the bag. Should shrink down the whole lot of yarn into a manageable size. I would imagine that the bags are reusable, so you could take out what you want to use, and reseal the rest. They say they use them for traveling, when you don’t have a lot of extra space.

Well, I don’t have enough yarn to have any storage dilemmas, but I think the hanging closet organizers are a cool idea.

That way you could keep your yarn neat and organized, but it would also be easily accessible and you could see what you have at a glance. I’m not sure what to do if it doesn’t all fit though. I am sure, however, that many many people here would love to have such a problem! :wink:

I stuff yarn in the sleeves of coats I’m not wearing… this isn’t necessarily to “store”… more so to “hide” :wink:

LOL, you are just bad, hilde :roflhard:

I have several rubbermaid boxes full of yarn under my bed…works like a charm. Of course, I need several more bc the lids are popping off and the bags/boxes/totes of yarn that are stuffed by the entertainment center need a home…yarn, it’s a bit of an addiction.

I bought a couple of those space bags, they are great, but plan carefully, as it’s a pain to open them and have to re-vaccum the air out. I know ziploc made some similar ones but you don’t need a vaccum you just press the air out and seal it/ The bag starts out about 2.5ft/4ft tall, and when the air is removed its a little bigger then a king size pillow.
Iam also very creative at hiding and then mixing it in with current stuff, hubby is not observant enough to know when or where it came from, as the majority of my stash is from before we married :slight_smile:

What I am doing right now is I got a couple of shoe organizers similar to this but it has like 24 pockets, and they are clear, so I can see what yarn is where, and the best part is that I have probably 60-70 balls of yarn, and it is fitting comfortably. Even better, the price for two of them is only 20 bucks!!