Moss Stitch Looks Pretty Cool

While at the Applebee’s in WI this weekend one of the servers, (the one who calls me Sam because she thinks my voice sounds like Sam Elliott’s), asked me when I was going to make her a hat. :rofl:

I found out what her favorite colors are and told her I’d try to whip one up for her. She likes turquoise and yellow so that’s what I am working with.

As I hadn’t yet done anything with moss stitch I decided to try a moss stitch hat to see how it would look. I have to say that I really like how the moss stitch is looking. It makes for a very interesting looking textured pattern.

At first I found it a bit awkward constantly switching between knits and purls but once I got into the rhythm of it it’s not so bad. I think it’s going to make a pretty nice looking hat once it’s finished.

I do think I’ll switch to stockinette for the decreases though as I think they’ll mess up the moss stitch pattern anyway. Maybe I’ll go with a flattened swirl for the top.

oh thats cool! :heart:

Yeah, what she said


That does sound cool. And it’s so nice of you to do that for her.

Sounds like a wonderful idea. The turquoise and yellow will be bright and sunny and remind everyone of summer. The moss stitch will give the hat texture and the swirled top will look wonderful. You are SO creative!!! I wish I could whip hats out the way that you do. Keep up the good work.

It sounds like it will be just lovely! I really like the texture and look of the moss stitch.

I found out how much I like the moss stitch when I used it for my most recent hat – using Lion Brand BIG (my hideous green hat with the pom pom).

It makes a nicely textured hat, though.

You’re a nice guy…I’m sure she’s going to love it.

I am working on a hat right now with moss stitch I love it!:knitting:

That is so cool

Moss stitch has to be my favorite stitch xx

Sounds good. Be sure to post a picture before giving it to her. Waiting…waiting…waiting…:teehee:

Of course! :mrgreen:

Working on it…

The moss stitch has always been my favorite. I like to work it into the borders of my washcloths.

And yes, we are patiently waiting for some pics of the hat

shown in Fall 07 Interweave Knits … pretty stitch
wonder if it would be tiresome for a sweater:eyes:

I’m using moss stitch on the square I’m working on now; I didn’t like it at the beginning because I had a hard time keeping track of where I was, but now that I’ve been working on it for awhile, I really like how it looks!

It would make a cute hat. :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see it!

It sounds like a sunny day at the beach hat- I can’t wait to see it when you finish!

She’s going to love it!

I love moss stitch too–I use it as a border for baby afghans, with a center of checkerboard squares, half stockinette, half reverse stockinette (the whole thing is reversible). That moss stitch lies flat makes it really nice for borders on patterned pieces.

Say Mason, if you are working with different colors, could you make the decreases where the 2 colors meet? Any disruption of pattern would be minimized that way.

No, it’s mostly one color with the yellow as just an accent color. I was considering doing the top in all yellow as a contrast to the turquoise body but haven’t decided yet. I just kind of make it up as I go along.

I finally read your profile and laughed out loud when I realized that you were an over the road trucker. I can’t help but ask what or who spurred your interest in knitting? I wish more men would explore the calming, creative nature of knitting.

I’ll be looking forward to a picture…