Moss stitch help - two colours involved!

Hello everyone, i just found your site this morning while I was googling for some help with my knitting project. I have just started knitting again after a 20 year lay off and have been very surprised at how much I have remembered. The knitting is giving me such enjoyment and relaxation apart from the little problem I would like some help with.
I am knitting a Debbie Bliss baby cardigan which has a teddy bear face on it. The main colour of the cardigan is cream and the teddy bear face is in brown. The problem is that it is knitted in moss stitch and when I have done a few rows it doesn’t really look like moss stitch. I think it is the way I am looping the main colour wool which is distorting is, but not sure. How can I make it look like moss stitch without having lots of long threads hanging around behind the stitches.
I would be so grateful for your advice.
Many thanks

Are you knitting intarsia, or are you carrying the teddy bear color around the whole sweater?

thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I’m afraid I have come unstuck a bit. I don’t know what intarsia is, but the bear’s face is in the middle of the sweater so I have the main colour either side of it and have to take the main colour across when I am knitting the face. Hope this makes sense.
Isn’t this an interesting site. I can see I am going to spend hours looking through it.
Thanks again

When you have a motif in the middle of a background, then you will be knitting intarsia. The best way to do this, rather than stranding the main color across the back, is to have two strands of main color. One will work up to the bear, then the brown for the bear, then another cream for the other side of the bear.

As you switch colors, hold the color you’re ending over to the left and bring the color you’re switching to up from under it to avoid holes. Amy has video in the Advanced Techniques section on how to switch colors.

Thank you so much - I will unpick the stuff I have done so far, watch the video and try again. That has really helped me.
Top regards

Okay…I tried the intarsia technique in the video and it worked on every row but the first row of the intarsia portion of the pattern…I had big holes that looked awful and finally gave up and made my bag stripes and left out the squares.

Am I maybe adding the yarn in wrong or something to get these holes? I didn’t have holes the next rows up but where I first switched from a stripe to the squares…big gaping ugly holes!

(BTW…here was the original pattern: )

I made the front panal of the bag without the squares but I’d like to know how to fix the problem because I liked the squares! It’s why I picked the pattern to begin with!