Moss Stitch Beanie Decrease?

I am knitting a beanie in Moss Stitch. I have done beanies before, but never in moss stitch. I am almost ready to do the decreasing to shape the top of the head. I would like to know how to decrease whilst keeping the stitch look nice and even.
Thankyou in advance for your time and advice.

I’ve never done a hat all in seed stitch either, but I think I would try doing paired decreases in pattern and do more rows than usual between decrease rows.

So it would be like K, P, K, P, K2tog, P2tog, K, P, K etc. I usually decrease every other row so I think I would decrease every 4th row. I’m not sure how it would work out, but that is something I would try if it was me.

I’ve just done about 4 beret’s in seed stitch but it was top down so I did increases except for the last row before beginning the ribbing for the brim. Are you doing single or double seed stitch? Because it does make a difference.

thankyou for your replies…
I am using single moss stitch, knitting on 2 kneedles with 103 stitches and I usually shape the crown so the lines go in like a cut pie shape. I am not too confident in undo-ing work and picking up a row again so Im thinking I might do a test first.

you could also try decreasing half as often, but twice as much, as in

K1, P1, K1, P3tog, etc

then skipping the next potential decrease altogether…

just an idea…