Moss stich shoes


i m new to knitting and i d like to help me with a pattern
it says

“Moss st 1 row
Work in moss st and inc one st at each end of the next and every foll
alt row until there are 32 sts, work all increase sts in moss st,so keeping the continuity of the pattern.”

This means that i increase every second row and i start again the moss pattern in the new row from the increased stich?

You can increase by casting on one st at the beginning of each row (that will be the equivalent of increasing at each end every second row). After the increase, just be sure that you continue the moss st pattern. Don’t worry about starting the pattern with the stitch that’s given in the instructions (probably a knit st). Just look at your sts and where you have a knit st, purl it, where you have a purl st, knit it.
The other way to do this is to increase at each end of every second row, one st in from the ends. This will cause a slight break in the pattern at the very ends but after you’ve completed 2 increase rows, you’ll be back in pattern on the ends. Don’t let the increase alter the moss st pattern in the main body of the project, just at the very ends…

thank for the answer

but in moss stich where you have a knit st, knit it, where you have a purl st, purl it

anyway now
the pattern says :“Inc one st at end of next row and 4foll alt rows”.
This means that i increase every fourth row or i do these increases every second row four times ?

I have 27 stiches and i want to make them 32

You would inc at the beginning and end of the next row every other row 4 times, but you’ll have increased 10 sts.

Also, which moss stitch pattern are you using - the 2 row or 4 row pattern?

i suppose that i increase only at the end of the row
if i was to increase at the beginning and the end of the row the pattern should say at the end of EACH alt row

its the two row moss stich pattern

thank again for the help

No, it’s written correctly - inc one st at [B]each end[/B]. That means at both the beginning and end of the next row and every other row after that, 4 more times, which is 5 times altogether (next row, plus 4 more).

The 2 row moss st is called seed st in US patterns, and is k1 p1 on the first row, then on each row after that you would knit what look like purls (on that row) and purl the ones that look like knits. So inc in the first last st, or between the edge st and the one next to it, depending on which inc you use. Work the rest of the sts in the pattern (knit the purls, purl the knits), and on the next row, include the new sts in the pattern.