Moss Knitting Pattern Language Help

Dear yall,

I am working on an old 1980s puzzle that has never been solved before, and there is this Moss knitting pattern text that I dont know how to solve and read. I’ve done a little research but am afraid that some terms are outdated. Could any of you please help me? Perhaps there is something unusual about it that could lead to something.

This is the text:
C-4-24MOSS 13 x MOSS

Thank yall so much xx

Hello, welcome to the forum!

When you say you are working on a puzzle, do you literally mean a puzzle, like a conundrum published on the puzzles page of a magazine?

Or do you mean a knitting pattern that you are having trouble deciphering?

It is a puzzle, and one of the things that we need to solve is this text about the knitting pattern. But its not a small puzzle its an massive 24 page puzzle where each page gives a clue. in the 80s you could win 1 million dollars by solving it, this is why i came to this forum, to see if anyone could see if the pattern text is correct and whether there are any strange things about it. This is a very detailed video about the puzzle:

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Oh, that’s interesting. I love knitting but I’m afraid I’m not good at this type of puzzle so I can’t offer any thoughts.

It doesn’t read quite like a knitting pattern. There are some terms familiar, others not. I presume the terms that don’t correspond to knitting would be like cryptic clues.

(I have knitted from 80s patterns but still don’t recognise some of the terms.)

Do they provide anything like a key?

I hope someone else will chime in.

I love puzzles.
There’s not much to go on though.
Perhaps if you knit this up it would produce a pattern, an icon, shape, or letter or something else recognisable?
Or if you knitted it up you might find the bumps created a morse code message?
Or if you drew the symbols for these stitches into a knit chart you might see a pattern?

Yeah I was really intrigued by it as well, which is why i wanted to solve it. They dont give any information or key to solve it. Could you perhaps highlight the things that are unusual about the text? that would help a lot.

Yeah I am struggling with this a lot haha. I cannot knit at all, which is why i came to this forum but i really like the way that you are thinking.

Do you think there is really a solution to this riddle?
Wasn’t there some controversy Iver the whole puzzle…if the game/puzzle was a scam with no winner maybe the puzzles are not solvable?

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I’ve marked the oddest parts, but it is also worth noting that if each line is supposed to be a row of knitting, the stitch counts are not going to work. Not that that matters in a puzzle, of course!

The first number of 371 (or 3 7 1?) is hard to understand to start with. Is it a key to solve the rest? Is it a special number?

There was indeed tons of controversy with this puzzle, but the creator passed away in the late 90s so there is no way to check

thank you so much for this. but i do wonder if “MOSS” refers to the type of knitting pattern, and 8R, 4R, and 6R are perhaps the row, idk. i also googled knitting pattern 371 but it give me tons of different patterns, so idk, but thank you for your help

The word “moss” doesn’t usually appear in the knitting instructions, which is why it seems out of place.

The name or description of the pattern would usually mention that it has moss stitch, e.g. “Moss Stitch Cowl”, “button bands are worked in moss stitch” but the instructions would be a sequence of knits and purls.

Could “MOSS” be a cryptic clue rather than referring to the stitch? I don’t know much about cryptics, but don’t single letters stand for various things such as compass points?

Here are some typical moss stutch instructions:

Note that there can be confusion about what exactly moss stitch is because the same term is used differently in the USA and UK & Commonwealth countries. Just to add to the fun!

R could refer to row.

it could deff be cryptic, ill see if i can put the text into a visualiser and see what comes out

Not sure but here’s my take on it,
(371?)P1 (or purl1),K1 (knit1), MOSSST ( in knitting this is the name of a pattern produced by using these stitches,moss stitch, st is the abbreviation for stitch. Why all capitals? thinking 371 Moss Street?)
K3k5k1k5k3 - this looks all wrong. In a pattern it would be written as simply K17 is 35153 a clue? (35153.43?)
P1K1P1(-R is this row)
8R MOSS could be 8 rows moss, then 4 rows stocking stitch or stst or in very old uk patterns sst,6 rows moss, 4 rows stst, 2 rows moss st.
K1 Yarn Forward( in lace: to make a hole & new stitch),K 2ToGether to use up a stitch. P1 Yarn Over needle K2 TG - why some capitals and others lower case?
The next row has the K1YFK2then capital T g. Is the next part meant to match the previous direction, p1 or is it p I or p L and then there’s an extra K1 at the end?
The last direction is bemusing C (continue?) 4-24 moss 13 x (- times or across) moss. During WW11 wasn’t knitting used to send coded messages back and forth, is there any information available on decoding this?
Best of luck solving it.


Wow! thank you so much for this elaborate answer. I will see how far this will get me into solving the puzzle.

Notknittingknots, as a last resort maybe we can try Madame Defarge?

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