Mosaic Tile Afghan

I am rarely inspired to knit an afghan…knitting takes a long time and they are just too large, but I saw this one and I think it’s gorgeous!

So? Don’t leave us hanging. Are you going to make it? When will we see your pictures?

:passedout: This is a ‘someday’ project. I would love to make this one, but it’ll be awhile. Too many other things to do at the moment. :thumbsup:

I am not wild about those colors but the pattern defiantely has possibilites!!

Greeeeat… Just what I needed. Yet [I]another[/I] thing in my queue.

Yeah, I would use different colors too probably. :wink:

That’s what I thought too Moxie… I now have 57 items on my queue…

I have 27 and I may NEVER get them all done. Plus there are things in my favorites that mostly likely belong in the queue as well… I need to l ive to be 250 I think to finish them all. :roflhard:

:roflhard: Me too!

It’s very pretty, Jan, but like you and some of the others,those colors would have to be changed, especially the yellow/gold color.

I took note of that afghan, as well. Very intriguing! But I have an afghan I’m working on at the moment that keeps taking a backseat to other projects. I, too, have lots of goodies in my queue (and faves) that’ve piqued my interest but not enough time…or yarn! tackle even a handful of them.

If you get to working on the afghan, look forward to the FO. I’m sure it’ll be fab.


If you love the squares but don’t want to do a whole afghan, how about a pillow of 4 of the squares using a smaller gauge?

That’s a good idea, Denise. :thumbsup: