Mosaic Sampler Hat

I LOVED knitting this hat! It was so much fun and I love the way it came out! It has a few things that I wasn’t sure why they did them that way, but it was worth the $1.99 price for sure.

The color isn’t great here, but it’s not too far off. It’s Berroco Comfort Worsted in kind of an olive green with purple. The hat isn’t exactly as written because I downsized it and so had to do the top like a normal hat. Also I didn’t do a provisional cast on. I just did the standard roll brim.

Nicely done!!:yay: :yay: Great colors!!

Looks like a fun pattern!

I love that design. It looks great from here. :slight_smile:

It turned out wonderful Jan!! Nice to hear you enjoyed making it. I still have yet to try colorwork like that. :slight_smile:

It’s way easier than stranded with no floats to worry about having too tight. I don’t think it’s interchangeable with stranded for some designs, but it’s a fun technique to learn to bring more color into your patterns. :thumbsup:

Great job! Such a cute little hat. Looks like fun!!

Oooo I like this hat, Jan! And I also love the colors you used! Great work!

That’s a really nice hat Jan! Definitely looks like a fun and interesting knit :thumbsup:

Nice job . Looks fab :slight_smile:

Nice job! That looks like fun.

I like it also; alas, no one but the baby wears hats in our family.

Nice work!!

I’m making these for charity. I love knitting hats…they are fairly quick and you can play with pattern and texture. :thumbsup:

That is really pretty, Jan. I have a friend who knits hats for charity too, but none as pretty as yours here. Is the pattern a free download?

I’m so loving this hat :heart: The colors are great, and I’m a big fan of the patterning!

It’s not free, but it’s only $1.99 so grab it! :wink:

Love this! Great colors too. I wouldn’t have thought to put those together but they really work perfectly!