Mosaic knitting

Can someone explain how to do it? The video for it isn’t up yet and I want to give it a try.

I’ve never done mosaic knitting before, but I’m also interested.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but there’s an article at on mosaic knitting.

Good luck!

This is also called slip st knitting and is done [normaly] two rows of one color then two rows of a second color.

You use a grafted pattern, knit all the sts in the color you are using slipping the other sts with the yb, k or purl the second row doing the same sts.

The second color is done in the same way.

I would be glad to help with this any way I can. Don’t really know what info you would like to have.

There is an article on mosaic knitting in the Holiday 2003 edition of Family Circle Easy Knitting Plus Crochet. The explanation is very clear, more so than the Knitty article, and it has illustration of the basics. You could try to order a copy from FCEK directly, or try your library’s periodical database, or if you’re really stumped, I would be happy to photocopy my mag and send it to you. Unfortunately, I can’t copy the accompanying patterns along with it because of copyright issues. (The patterns are really nice.) If you want me to send a copy, let me know.