Mosaic knitting - back side (WS)


Okay I have B. Walker’s mosaic book from the library… and I’ve seen other resources… what I’m missing/not seeing about mosaic knitting is the back side of the work. I should probably just make up a large swatch to figure this out myself but I’m hopnig someone is already a mosaic-ist and can tell me…

Does the back of mosaic look essentially like stranding? I understand that you work two rows (one RS and one WS) of a piece with one color then do two rows of the second (vs. carrying both colors along in stranding). What I don’t understand, nor have a found a picture of, is what mosiac looks like on the back (WS) of the piece. Does the color passing the slipped stitches resemble stranding?
… and therefore, your patterns should only go X-few stitches without a color change otherwise you end up with large, untethered strand, right?

Am I on the right wave-length? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and guidance!

I’ve never done it, but I found these pictures, which show the inside of the sweater and back of the blanket.

Thank you!! for finding pictures, unfortuantely I think I need glasses to really appreciate them. I can’t tell if it looks more like stranding or doubleknitting…

ETA: I just found this website (go nearly halfway down page to July 13, 2004 entry) with front and back mosaic sample

:?? I still can’t really tell… it look like it might resemble double-knitting more…

It is hard to tell. I guess a swatch is in order.

darn-it, I think you’re right. Whenever I get around to swatching, I’ll try to remember to post my findings back here.