Morning everyone! I'm thinking of buying the Boye Masterset

needle kit at Michaels. It is $69.99 and with the 40% coupon it comes to about $42. Is this a good starter set for a beginner?
I want to get a set of circular needles and wanted to know which ones you think are the best and best price.

I don’t have any either. The only ones that I have found in town though is a Denise set. (I have called everywhere!) I am hoping to get them next week. They were $47. I don’t know about the boye, but the Denise had all kinds of cables you could hook together to make them very short or very long. I thought that that was good. I know that the Boye had 4 standard lengths of cable. I was going to get boye to begin with, but like I said I can’t find them.

Beth, that’s a great price for the Boye set! Wowie. I have the set and I love them.
Like the Denise set, you can make straight or circular needles in custom lengths, but with more needle sizes than the Denise set. Boye is size 2-15, and I think the smallest size in the Denise set is 5. Somebody who has the Denise set could say for sure.
Anyway, that’s a hard price to pass up for the NeedleMaster.

I didn’t know that you could change the lengths of those too. The Denise set goes down to size 3. I couldn’t believe that no one here has the Boye. I like that they have different colors.

I just recently bought the Denise’s and it only goes to a 5.

I also bought the Boye at Michaels with the 40% off coupon because I wasn’t sure I liked the Denise at first.

All I can say is I’m tending to use the Boye more for some reason. You have to make sure you use that little rubber round thing to tighten when you put the needles on or they tend to come apart. But if you actually follow directions (my weakness), they don’t come apart.

So I’m no help at all - both are fine. I wanted the smaller sizes tho.


The Boye set comes with four cable lengths. You can join the needle tips to them as is, or join them together with each other with the connectors it comes with to make even longer cables. Also, you can use two separate cables with the provided needle “ends” to make straight, though flexible, needles.
I like mine a lot.

Is there anywhere you know to find them? I have tried Michaels, Joanns, and Walmart. The only LYS I can find around here only have the Denise.

I have a post up right now about interchangeable needles look for it. (Sorry I don’t know how to find it and add it to this post.) I just bought mine off Ebay for 70 bucks. I had called my joanne stores and neither had them. So I panicked :roll: Haven’t recieved them yet but I got the Boye set instead of Denise bcuz there are gals in this group that have them and recommend them + the Boye set has more needles in their set .

Go to:
and then page 3 - you buy it now for $69.


If you want a really good pair of circular needles I’d go with the Addi Turbos. I have 5 sets and they are WONDERFUL! I haven’t used any of the interchangeables myself but I’ve heard a lot of knitters say they don’t care for them.

i keep saying this, but i’ll do it again: i really like my denise interchangeables. they are smooth and sharp and mine have never come apart on me. the cable is really flexible. i just don’t have anything bad to say about them --and for the price ($35 on ebay, brand new), if i were a beginner i would start there. IF! i didn’t care about having the smaller needles. the colors are really cool though! but, then again, the boyes are well liked and your price is excellent.

yeah, i’m no help either!

Ok. I got the Denise today. I figured I better get something while we had the money. You are right the smallest size is 5. I have the smaller circulars though. I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet. You should have seen the look on my hubby’s face when he saw them. You know how they are all in pieces in the case? He looked at them and then at me and said “What is it?” When I told him my new needles he just walked off shaking his head with a confused look on his face. I guess he’ll understand when I am using them.

Oh yeah. I am also going to save to get the Boye. I like the different colors for the sizes. The denise are all white.