Morning all...Question regarding ounces

I’m starting a new pattern, and I hope it works. It calls for Worsted weight yarn/32ounces. Now this is my question;
Is the 32ounces the amount of yarn you will need to finish the project?
You all are always so helpful!
Thanks In Advance
PS. It also calls for Worsted Yarn and I found this defination and want to know if this is righ?

"Worsted weight yarn is any yarn that knits at 5 stitches per inch. Worsted weight yarn is ideal for garments since it knits up quickly without loosing too much detail. It is thick enough for warm hats and mittens, yet still thin enough for socks. Worsted weight yarn, may be considered the most versitile yarn available. "

Yep … 32 oz is the amount of yarn you will need to finish the project. When you buy your yarn, make sure you buy a little extra of the same dyelot just in case. If the yarn has no dyelot then you don’t have worry if you find you need more; you can just buy some more if you need it.

That sounds like a “worsted” description in a nutshell; although, I wouldn’t put too much faith in the 5 sts per inch because of guage and needle differences. But just remember that the yarn weight is noted on the yarn label, so you don’t really need to know an exact definition.

Also, if the pattern gives you the amount of yards needed for the project, use that number to buy your yarn. Yardage is generally more accurate. If the pattern does not note yardage, but does suggest a yarn and how many skeins of that yarn, punch the numbers and get the yardage for yourself. :wink: That’s what I’ve started doing…

HappIE Knitting!

I would recommend going by the length of the yarn instead of the weight. 32 oz of cotton is different than 32 oz of mohair.

As Ekgheiy said, guage depends on the needle size. I could get 5 sts per inch with fingering yarn if I used needles big enough.