Morehouse Merino alligator scarf

Thewre is an advertisemnt on this site for’s alligator scarf. It’s sooo adorable…what kind of difficulty do you think the pattern is? I am new so I think it is way over my head but I don’t know.

I dont’ have the pattern (yet) but I can’t imagine that it is that hard. And it seems pretty straightfoward. Remember, any knitting pattern is doable. Just do each row and each stitch as you get to it. Sometimes you have to not question what the pattern is telling you to do and just do it.

Check out some of their other pattners. Their lobster mittens are adorable!

Go ahead an try it. We’re here to help if you get stuck.

I searched KH and came up with this thread. Robynbird was making one for her son. HTH

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]I would love to see one of these knitted by someone here… :cheering: My grandson would love one I’m sure… I do not really want to buy the whole kit… but they do not sell just the pattern for most of their kits. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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You guys are knitting pushers! “Try it little girl…you’ll like it. Don’t worry.” Hahahaha!

I really want to make it. It’s adorable.

I am such a newbie…I don’t know if you guys could help if I get lost! I might be too far gone! But I will give it a try!

Thanks for the link to the other thread, too. I didn’t realize there was another thread dedicated to it. Sorry for double threads!

It’s easy to knit. Very cute and fun to watch it take shape. I have the head and about 3 rows of the scales done so far. It goes fast!

They helped me through my newbie knitting so I know that they can help you :wink:

Try it, you’ll like it:teehee: