Morehouse Farm Waves Shawl pattern?

[COLOR=blue]Good Morning… I love :heart: the Waves Shawl advertised by the Morehouse Farms… [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]I can only find the kit-I have e-mailed them to asked if the pattern alone is available for sale-has anyone seen anything similar to this? I have searched the internet but was unsuccessful. Thanks so much! [/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]11:14 a.m.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=red]I just got an e-mail back from Morehouse- it is only available in kit form. :([/COLOR]


The scarf looks like it is knitted horizontally and the stitch pattern looks like the seafoam stitch pattern - elongated. Here’s a pattern that I found that uses the seafoam stitch when I googled ~ unfortunately there’s no photo.

Good luck!

I bought the green varigated fern scarf pattern from Morehouse, and its basicly the same sort of thing.

All it is is a drop stitch in which you vary the number of wraps around the needle you do. Where the space between the rows is bigger there are more wraps around the needle and where the two rows are quite close there is probably only one or two wraps.

Just had a look at the seafoam and thats pretty much it… only i’d probably add another YO with four or five wraps as well.

Yay, this is my favourite stitch to use :slight_smile: I think it looks amazing when made up.


I found a picture that must be close when I googled Seafoam Stitch. :heart: I think I will try it!.. very delicate when knitted with certain yarns - one was knitted with Caron’s Simply soft… beautiful.

Thank you so much!