More Yarn

So I found there’s a knitting shop near to where I work which pleased me no end as I can easily make it there and back in my lunch hour. And I could see me on a particularly busy day, rushing off to the yarn store during lunch, gathering an armful of soft Alpaca wool and burying my face in it as a kind of cheap form of stress relief!

Sadly when I made my first visit last week they had a sign on the door that they’re closing down. Apparently the owners are retiring and as no one wanted to take over the store they had no alternative but to close it.

It was bad news for my stress relief plan but good news for my stash buying plan as practically everything was 20% off, with s few exceptions. So I bought a bit, for future, unknown projects. Didn’t seem right to leave it in the store, isn’t that right Salmonmac? :slight_smile:

So, from the back, the browny/reddy skein is Misti Alpaca, you can see the green in front is Heritage Sock Yarn, the heathered pink to the left is Classic Elite Yarns Chesapeake Verde Collection which is 50% organic cotton and 50% merino. And in the front are four 50g skeins of Araucania Cau Cau.

And checking their website today I see that everything is now 30% off, so I might just have to pop back. Obviously they’ll mark down further as they get closer to their closing in June, but you’ll have less choice.

For anyone in SE Michigan the store is called Knit A Round and is on Plymouth Road on the Northern outskirts of Ann Arbor, very close to the US23/Plymouth Rd exit.

Your new yarn is simply divine and delicious looking! You won’t regret it!

I die a little inside when I hear of a yarn shop closing down. :’(

Although I’m sad too that it’s closing I’m happy at least that it’s not a victim of recession or something like that, that would be worse I think.

I went back there yesterday as I want to knit this bag from The Making Spot and it needs cotton, which I don’t have. I choose burgundy/red colours as I had to make my choice from what they had left given the quantity of yarn I need. They also had a fill a paper bag with books or patterns for $15, which was an absolute steel, as I got two hardback Debbie Macomber fiction books and two pattern books in that bag! $80 worth for $15!

Our yarn store closed, too, it was called Lake Tahoe Yarn CO. Now I have to drive all the way to Reno. Sad to hear that yours is closing, too.

Congrats on adding to your yarn stash, I love both Misti Alpaca and Classic Elite yarns!

love the woll