MORE yarn!

UGGH!!! I was just checking out the new sticky Amy has on the buy/sell/swap forum for “tell us about your knitting business”. Has anyone else checked out :inlove: :inlove:

I just broke my yarn probation (AGAIN) since they have great prices and a 10% discount coupon right now.

Gotta quit fooling around here and get to knitting!!!

:rollseyes: just put up an new batch of the hand spun too. i am doing everything i can to force myself to not add some of it to my basket…cuz my basket at home is already full…but i reeeeeeeeeeally want some of the perdy stuff!

ooooohhhhhh, it IS pretty! Love the handspun/hand dyed stuff. I have some natural wool upstairs just waiting to be done. :inlove:

Ooooh, I love the yarn at, but don’t have the money to purchase any of it right now. Handspun, hand-dyed is my favorite type! I love how it looks. I am taking a spinning class on Thursday and would love to learn how to handspin my own yarn. :happydance:

OMGoodness, I saw knitwwerx, too. But…I have 28 balls of sock yarn on the way and my new set of needles (I wanted an entire set of the same kind of single pt needles and I love my dpns of the same type, so he ordered sizes 1 - 15 of Susan Bates Quicksilver needles for me…they r great!!) that my sweetness bought for me just arrived today…so I’m NOT going to look at knitting websites for a few days…I’m gonna try…lol! I do love that site!
But I did just see this new sock book that is coming out in Aug that I must have…but that’s next month…plenty of time :wink:

I just got more yarn too! This is for my F.T. clogs for christmas presents… I couldn’t decide between 2 colors for the pair for my brother, so I got them both. And some extra stuff for ME. :happydance: I’m making clogs for me, my hsuband, my mom, her husband, and my brother. YIKES!

I already posted this pic on my blog, but since it’s so great, I have to post it again! I might post it AGAIN again! (no, i’m kidding).

Everywhere I look I see your huge new stash. Its just not fair, I say!

Gee, Hilde, I don’t know, I don’t think you have enough yarn there. :roflhard:

Ingrid, you shouldn’t say things like that to Hildie…she’s just gonna make an innuendo of some sort out of it! :rollseyes:

Ingrid, you shouldn’t say things like that to Hildie…she’s just gonna make an innuendo of some sort out of it! :rollseyes:[/quote]

Oooh Oooh let me try one… My Hildie you could sure make some HUGE bags with that stash.

Good, no?

:shock: I am sad hurt that you would suggest such a thing :verysad:

Hey! Look what i found! i wonder how many of theseI could make with all that yarn! (sorry, gentlemen)

I can’t see it!!!

I just went on the website and found it…lol, too funny…I bet you could do MANY of them with all that yarn Hilde!!

sorry, I fixed it!

NIK, DONT ENCOURAGE HER!!! :fingerwag:


You could really hurt someone’s feelings with those things–make a super small size.

Wow, that should be enought to keep you busy for quite a while! Your DH is a big sweetie pie!

WOW!!! I wish you lived closer, Hilde. You are a woman after my own heart! Somehow I don’t even feel guilty when those nice, big boxes arrive.

That is a LOT of clogs. You will be the clog expert by the time you are finished. Maybe you should start a KAL??? So many people were interested in gettting started on those for x-mas gifts!

[size=2]She already did.[/size] :shifty:

Fabulous! Should’ve checked that first…

I think I am about ready to move on to my next pair. Did it already start?