More Yarn!

Today I had package of yarn waiting for me at home. It is the biggest yarn order I have ever done. Totally 10 skeins of 300g natural undyed wool yarn, 2kg of undyed wool for felting and additionally two 100g balls of dyed yarn for my wife. That is 5.2kg (almost 11.5lbs) of wool to what I consider a decent price.

I have always wanted to find natural undyed wool yarn and I am so happy to have found it. Now I am able to make stuff that does not have any chemicals and without micro plastic particles releasing during wear and washing.



Excellent haul, and thank you for highlighting the issue about micro plastics. Hope you and your wife have fun using it in your projects!

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Exciting! Iā€™m waiting for my biggest yarn order ever to arrive. :blush: :yarn: :truck:

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