More xmas FOs--column of leaves and Banshee

These were both last minute Christmas gifts that I didn’t get a chance to post. First is my Column of Leaves scarf. I posted it as WIP with my Tiny Sweater and here it is finished. It’s acrylic–some Bernat baby yarn, but blocking still made a huge difference. It’s a pretty scarf, I’d make it again. This one is a little shorter than I like, but still solid scarf length. I was low on time–I did the whole scarf in about 2 and a half days (with other projects in between).

Second is Banshee, the guitar strap from Knitty. I did not line it and I made it a bit shorter for my brother, who said that would be perfect for his mandolin–which is smaller and lighter than a guitar. He’s got a collection of mandolin, acoustics and electrics and I wanted something small to go with his GuitarCenter gift certificate. I started and finished this project in a few hours. I don’t think I’d do it again, I didn’t care for the pattern and pattern directions. It seems like some things were off, I dunno.

Anyway, voila and happy day after madness!

I really like that scarf. it so pretty.