More washing machine issues

Tonight we’re having one of my husband’s companies people stay over so I’m going about my frantic cleaning before his arrival and my head is not screwed on right. I just put a whole load of laundry soap into the softener dispenser by accident. Can I just run this through again with nothing in the water and it will wash out?

I’d run towels or sheets or something- it should be fine, but the softener is usually released in a rinse, not the wash, so you might want to run the load twice if it is something that needs to be clean. you aren’t hurting the machine or anything. I’ve done the same thing with putting soap inthe bleach dispenser. no harm no foul, just an extra load of laundry. good luck! I always do something foolish when company is coming- I get so flustered! I’m sure it will go fine.

I ran it through the rinse cycle again, it came through ok. I felt like a klutz though when I grabbed the softener and realized I had already filled the hopper with soap. :teehee: