More TV Talk - Ghost Hunters

Ok - I have to admit, this is my new guilty pleasure. It all started because years ago a friend and I were at the Lighthouse in St. Augustine Florida and I had a really strange experience :???: (never had happend before, and hasn’t happened since). Anyway, she called me several weeks ago to let me know TAPS was at the lighthouse. I found the show and have been hooked since. I really like the guys on the show and their approach. Plus, there are some truly hilarious happenings.

I don’t have any strong convictions about whether I believe in ghosts or not. I know there are a lot of things that I don’t know or understand and who am I to say there is no such thing? But I do love that show!

Anyone else? :slight_smile:

I used to watch “Fear” on MTV. That scared the poo outta me on more than one occasion.

I think alot of it is faked up. I’ve googled a couple of the places that they’ve been to and some of the stuff they say doesn’t add up or is completely different from what is portrayed. Ie some wierd caverns place that was supposedly for evil worship,the website said it was a party place and a secret club but nothing about evil worship.
I have however, been to that creepy lighthouse in St. Augustine and there is definitely some bad juju in that place. :roflhard: I had a serious creep out there. We go to St. Augustine every year for Memorial Day and I still will not go back to that lighthouse.

You wanna talk about a place with bad juju?

Go to Corpus Christi, and visit the USS Lexington.

DH and I went there while I was pg with our dd, and he went to the bathroom, and its an aircraft carrier, right? He had to go down a ladder, or some weird place to get to the potty…he got turned around coming OUT of the bathroom, and heard footsteps…so he followed them…thinking it was another guy…

He ended up near the place where they put all the sick sailors to die. Not the infirmary that was accessible to the public, but the part down in the depths of the boat.

It took him so long to get back to me, that I actually asked a guide to help me find him…
DH was pale as a sheet when he made it out…it scared the crap out of him.

He said that area was FREEZING cold…and there wasnt ANYONE there, but her swears he followed footsteps there.

Oh, and dont get me started on the haunted house in Columbus, and the one that was across the street from us. Or the baby graveyard at my grandmothers church.

I believe…cayuse Ive been around them. Its trippy.

:roflhard: If I even begin to think that wherever we are going is going to creep me out now I pass. I get freaked at Disney World’s Haunted House. :roflhard: That friggin’ lighthouse ruined any chance of me going into another historic place.

DH likes that show. I’m a skeptic and not easily impressed, though I do like that their approach is to debunk rather than confirm. And they don’t run away screaming like certain hosts of other ghost shows (thinking of that British one on the travel channel).

I love that show! They go in with the attitude that it’s nothing, and hope to be proven wrong. I have this train wreck facination with the British one. I think that they are total idiots, but can’t seem to stop watching. LOL

I’m sitting in the hotel watching it now. Personally I think it’s all a dog and pony show. Humbug!

I really enjoy it. I do like the fact that they try to debunk the claims. Its great entertainment!

Oh man… I’m so addicted to that show. Sometimes they’ll play a marathon of them, I’ll get like 3 episodes in while knitting/crocheting, and then have to go find a family member because I can’t sit by myself anymore :smiley:

I haven’t really seen anything that is dead proof (no pun intended) that there are ghosts or entities or whatever you want to call them… But the experiences they have had and have caught on tape sure are stunning.

Have you guys seen the one that is supposedly haunted by the two people that were killed in relation to the charles manson thing? It was this seasons finale… Its on demand right now… TOTALLY CREEPY!

PaperGirl - wow, that is some experience!

I’ve actually been on the Lexington when it was a training vessel. My brother was assigned there when he was in the Navy and stationed in Pensacola, FL. They had some kind of “Open Ship” kind of thing and families were invited on. We actually sailed out (I don’t know how far, but you couldn’t see land in any direction from the flight deck), and they did demonstrations of take-offs and landings and shot something, (torpedos, maybe) - it was a cool experience, but I was a 14 year old girl and was pretty overwhelmed by it all. I still can’t belive the Navy even allowed that!

It wasn’t spooky or creepy at that time, it was just a working ship. I did see it on Ghost Hunters, though. It was cool to see it again…

I believe, but thats because of experiences I have had.

Once I was in Savage Mill shopping with my best friend Daniel. It was late and the mill was closed to shoppers, however we were there late due to being at dinner at the Rams Head. There was also a Christmas Party or Wedding Reception in the banquet room. Our car was parked at the other end of the mill outside the New Weave Building.

Since it was a long drive home we each went to the restroom which is under the stairs at the exit for the New Weave Building. I was in the farthest stall from the entrance and heard the distincive sound of a womans high heels on a tile floor walk in the bathroom and then into the stall next to me, and the rustling of a womans dress. I finished up and kinda giggled to myself that someone was so uptight about bathroom privacy she would walk such a long way to go. That amusement turned to shock when I exited the stall and there was NO ONE in the stall beside mine. Nor in the next stall. The bathroom door hadn’t opened back up and there was no other way out. I was quite freaked out but started washing my hands and then heard the distinct sound of high heels again but this time they walked out of the stall and up to the sink beside me. Needless to say, I did not take the time to rinse nor dry my hands.

When I rushed out Daniel was waiting for me looking bored. I accused him of playing a trick on me even though I knew it wasn’t possible. I tried to get him to go back in with me but when the door was half open he heard the sound of a woman’s heels walking around and backed out saying he couldn’t go in because someone was there. I grabbed his arm, dragged him in and made him look in the stalls. No one. I have never been so creeped out as that night.

:noway: Chel!

Old Town Spring in Houston, or near it…has this OLD restaurant…[COLOR=#003366][FONT=Verdana][B]Wunsche Bros. Cafe…

[/B][SIZE=2]And my mother, the picture of grace, and manners…kept spilling her ice tea glass…tipping it over, dropping it, etc…but never touching it. The waitress told my mom it was the resident ghost. :roflhard:[/SIZE]

Wow! Freaky!:help:

Here is a link to a great Ghost Hunters Forum and Team Web site

David Hobbs who is one of the team, is a fantastic medium,and very funny, he gave me a reading on line and it was spot on, we have become great friends

They have been on BBC Radio, in newspapers etc…

Unfortunately they had to start a new forum, and lost tons of members, but the new one is up and running now :cheering: