More tips / help. Knitting in the round /top down

I’m knitting a Jersey in the round. It knits from the top down.

You complete the yoke then place stitches on waste yarn for the sleeves then complete the body of the Jersey before returning to the sleeve stitches on the waste yarn.

I’m not a fan of knitting sleeves and would much prefer to get this out of the way then finish the body of the Jersey afterwards.

Is there any reason I can’t do the sleeves first? Would this bring about any problems? Does anyone else do it this way?

I’m new to circular knitting and chart knitting and I’ve never done fair isle style knitting before either!

Attached is a picture of the Jersey I’m attempting.

Thanks in advance!

There shouldn’t be anything to prevent working the sleeves first but just in case, read through the pattern and see if there is anything unusual happening as you begin the body. Then check the start of the sleeves after you pick up sts from waste yarn.

It’s a cute sweater. What is the name of the pattern?

Thank you. The problem is that I have never knitted a top dowm sweater in the round so I would have no idea if anything funny was going on. I’ve only ever knitted 2 jerseys before and both were in straight needles. It is a beautiful pattern and it’s going to take me some time especially as this is also my first chart pattern.

I read an amazing thread on this forum about putting “life lines” in your work so I’m definitely going to do that!

I purchased the pattern on Ravelry and its called Embalagensa. She has some beautiful pants that go with it too. Here is the link;

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I suppose i could always knit 5cm of the main body then go back to the sleeves this should help me nut out anything unusual…I guess?

Sure that would work. If you have the needles you could even leave it in the body while you knit the sleeves.
Usually, you bind off some body sts (or maybe put them on waste yarn) at the underarms. When you begin the sleeves you may pick up sts at that bind off so knitting a few cm will take care of that part of the pattern should it exist.
Lifelines are a terrific time saver.
Thanks for giving us the pattern link!


Thanks for the advice! Really love this forum. Someone always gets back to you and you often learn something invaluable. Keep up the great work.

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